Partners are a big part of Cisco’s Internet of Everything (IoE) strategy. Over the last few years, we have attracted an impressive ecosystem of world-class partners. Cisco is working with this ecosystem to help countries, cities, industries. and businesses around the globe take the first steps toward becoming digital to capitalize on the value of the Internet of Everything . This week at Cisco’s Partner Summit event in Montreal, there is a lot of energy around the IoE and Cisco’s IoE Digital Platform – an end-to-end solution architecture that makes it easier for our customers to make the digital transformation.

Cisco’s Digital Platform provides our partners with an open, scalable, secure, and manageable environment for integrating their capabilities into our solutions and creates a foundation for global and local partners to meet specific customer needs.


The critical value provided by Cisco’s partners is integrated throughout the IoE Digital Platform and in all of the vertical solutions we offer. Here are a few examples of how this plays out across a few key verticals:

  • Cities: Cisco’s Smart+Connected Communities integrate with partner solutions to provide a single connection for integrated management of buildings, power, public safety, healthcare and education. We work with partners to provide solutions using IP camera and wireless sensor technologies. In addition, we collaborate on joint solutions to address energy management in outdoor lighting, waste water and utilities.
  • Manufacturing: Cisco’s Connected Factory solution is built on years of partnership with industry leader Rockwell Automation. Here we collaborate with major automation companies, telecom service providers, engineering procurement and construction companies, packaged equipment suppliers, and IT systems integrators and consultants.
  • Energy: Cisco works with partners to optimize communications, improve resilience, and reduce the operational costs in our solutions for Energy Management, Oil and Gas, and Utilities/SmartGrid. Strategic partners, application developers, and infrastructure platform partners play important roles in this area.
  • Transportation: In Connected Transportation, Cisco works with turnkey transportation system providers, specialized transportation software solution providers, and systems integrators and consultants to improve safety, efficiency and mobility.


To really be ready for this digital transformation, customers need to transform their business strategy and IT, connect everything, embrace analytics, and secure their technology and operations. Cisco is the only strategic partner with the solutions, people, partners, and experience to help customers move from traditional to digital and beyond.

Cisco and our partners are ready. Are you ready?

Learn about Cisco’s industry solutions: http://www.cisco.com/web/strategy/index.html

Find a partner: https://tools.cisco.com/WWChannels/LOCATR/openBasicSearch.do