The Brooklyn Nets have kicked off the 2015-2016 season at the Barclays Center, but for the first time ever the venue will also host a full slate of NHL games, as the New York Islanders have made the arena their permanent home this season. But whether fans are there to see slam-dunks or power-play action, they will undoubtedly benefit from the relentless focus of the Barclays Center to deliver one of the most technologically advanced fan experiences in all of sports.

Barclays Center employs cutting-edge technology solutions to remain on the forefront of delivering the digital fan experience fans that have come to expect. A leader in stadium connectivity and digitization since it opened in 2012, Barclays Center utilizes Cisco Connected Stadium Wi-Fi and Cisco StadiumVision to revolutionize the way fans consume live sports, contributing to their mission to keep visitors better informed, engaged and connected than ever before.

Through the use of the Barclays Center mobile app, fans enjoy a customized experience with choices and information on what to watch, ways to interact and more. From the ability to order concession items directly from their seats, to streaming live video, watching replays, and even sending photos and messages to the stadium video boards, the arena’s app is all about making the fan experience more seamless and interactive.


Whether it be a Nets game, an Islanders game or a Jay-Z concert, fans at the Barclays Center can create a personalized environment with just the click of a button. And it starts the moment a fan walks through the doors of the arena, as a push notification is sent directly to each fan’s phone alerting them to the free Wi-Fi network available throughout the facility. With the Wi-Fi network providing reliable connectivity for all to enjoy the more engaging experience, and StadiumVision keeping fans immersed in all the action with hundreds of HD video displays around the arena, Cisco technology has been essential to transforming the Barclays Center into one of the most fan-friendly arenas in the country.  We’re proud to have partnered with the Barclays Center every step of the way and are excited to contribute to the opportunities made possible by the Internet of Everything (IoE) in a more connected world.

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