Our world is becoming increasingly connected and digitized as technology innovations continue to change at a rapid pace. At Cisco, we remain committed to helping our customers deliver the new experiences their customers demand, while at the same time capture the new business opportunities that are emerging in this evolving digital landscape. In the Sports & Entertainment world, this translates into placing the fan at the center of the action and leaves the properties and teams that host these events in an interesting position: finding a way to capitalize on digitization to create an enhanced stadium experience. One that is more connected, immersive and engaging than ever before.

“Winning for us is only about one thing… the fans.”

-Jamie Barkley, CEO, Sydney Cricket & Sports Ground Trust

With our Cisco Connected Sports & Entertainment solutions, global leaders like Australia’s Sydney Cricket & Sports Ground Trust (SCGT) are delivering on this promise. Stadiums like Allianz and the Sydney Cricket Ground are setting a new bar for the fan experience for sports and entertainment properties.

For example, fans are connected from the minute they arrive at the stadium, thanks to Connected Stadium Wi-Fi. Cisco’s HD Wi-Fi ensures reliable use of the stadium app, which among other things, enables mobile ticketing, as well as in-seat ordering and paying for food and drinks. As a result, the fans experience shorter wait times, which ultimately contributed to a 47% boost in revenue for SCG. Fans are also sharing more data than ever before (photo sharing has doubled via FanCam), creating a more social and interactive environment. And all of this content can be highlighted on the big score boards or any of the 1700 HD displays throughout the stadium powered by Cisco Vision for Sports & Entertainment. Now that’s the power of digital in action!

More connected also means SCGT is now more informed. With the ability to capture more fan data and insights, SCGT can analyze Wi-Fi data and glean additional insights from fans’ digital interactions. What does this look like for fans? More tailored content that shows up on their phone and surrounding HD displays throughout the venue.

We’re proud to say that with Cisco, Sydney Cricket & Sports Ground Trust is equipped to more effectively tailor each fan’s digital experience to the unique needs of the over 100 sporting and entertainment events they host annually. And with the right digital platform in place, we look forward to helping them innovate for years to come to deliver that winning experience fans will remember for a lifetime.

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