The 2015 NFL regular season is in the books, but there is more football still to be played at Sports Authority Field at Mile High, as the Denver Broncos look to defend their home turf in search of a Super Bowl Championship. With their title hopes at stake and a stadium full of passionate fans ready to cheer them on, the state-of-the-art mobile connectivity and video technology in place at Sports Authority Field will be put to the test like never before.

Understanding that today’s sports fans demand an unprecedented level of connectivity, convenience and engaging digital content, the Denver Broncos turned to Cisco Connected Stadium Wi-Fi and Cisco StadiumVision in order to deliver a top-notch in-stadium experience for patrons, as well as a richer sponsorship opportunity for advertising partners.

Utilizing more than 1,200 displays throughout the facility, Broncos fans remain connected and engaged with relevant event information, promotions, immersive HD videos and more.

By providing reliable connectivity for tens of thousands of fans, the Broncos are staying ahead of the curve to give fans what they have come to expect – a digital experience that allows them to use their mobile devices in-stadium in more ways than ever before. And on the other side of the equation, these solutions work behind-the-scenes to make the fan experience more efficient and seamless. For example, Sports Authority Field at Mile High boasts 100 Wi-Fi enabled, mobile point-of-sale concession stations for better and faster customer service. From the moment a fan drives on to the parking lot until the game clock runs out, Cisco Stadium Solutions are working to bring Sports Authority Field at Mile High to the forefront of the digital revolution.

But it’s not just fans who benefit from the cutting-edge technology. Sponsors enjoy better results by delivering targeted digital content, with increased flexibility to update and change their message for the more than 300 events happening at Sports Authority Field each year. Since implementing Cisco’s StadiumVision, the Broncos have increased concourse sponsorship revenue by 50 percent.

With all of the arena’s displays centrally controlled on one network, the Broncos are able to target, manage and deliver digital assets more efficiently than ever before. And as their fan base prepares to cheer the team through to a successful playoff run, the Broncos have already positioned themselves as the NFL frontrunner of the digital fan experience.

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