#CiscoChat Recap — Why Are Businesses Turning to Collaboration as a Service?

Over the last decade, technology and digital transformation have entered our world and dramatically changed the way we work. While the days of in-person workplaces aren’t quite a thing of the past, remote and geographically-dispersed teams and workers are commonplace today. As this trend toward workforce dispersion accelerates, businesses continue looking to cloud-based Collaboration-as-a-Service (CaaS) solutions that empower employees to work together effectively, even when they aren’t in the same room.


On May 3rd, we held a #CiscoChat to discuss both the successes and challenges companies face as they move toward business models that accommodate today’s workforce with CaaS solutions. During this chat, participants weighed in on topics including the changing landscape of today’s workforce, security concerns around collaboration tools, and the major barriers to widespread CaaS adoption.


For those of you who weren’t present for this discussion, we’ve captured some of the highlights and key contributions from participants below:


Question: How has digital transformation disrupted collaboration for business employees, customers, and partners?




Question: What does collaboration as a service entail for companies in the new digital world?







Question: What are the benefits of collaboration as a service as compared to traditional collaboration solutions? Any fun examples?


POLL: What is the most challenging aspect of business collaboration solutions?


Question: How can companies securely use collaboration solutions no matter where their users are and what devices they operate?




Question: What are the barriers to migrating to and adopting a hosted collaboration solution? What other challenges do you see?




Question: How do you think business collaboration solutions should evolve in the future?




Thanks to all of you who participated in the chat! We look forward to having you join our next #CiscoChat on the topic of cybersecurity on Wednesday, June 7th, at 11AM PT!

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