When it comes to competing for the attention of digital sports fans, the game is constantly changing. Digital technology innovations are paving the way to more connected, more engaging, and, ultimately, more memorable experiences — and also leading to heightened fan expectations.

It’s not enough just to keep score from the sidelines. To make the most of today’s opportunities for tomorrow’s fans, you need to deliver on their ever-growing digital expectations — and demonstrate that you know your customer by delivering targeted experiences customized to individual needs. Otherwise, you risk alienating customers and losing out on opportunities for continued business growth.

So the ball is in your court…but there’s still time to act. Want to find out how? Start by reviewing the highlight reel from our recent #CiscoChat, “How Do You Compete for the Digital Sports Fan of 2020 and Beyond?

During the #CiscoChat I was joined by Jane Coles (@jane_coles), GM of Membership, Marketing, and ICT at Sydney Cricket & Sports Ground Trust; as well as Michael Caponigro (@mikecap724), Sports & Entertainment Marketing at Cisco.

Here’s a look at three key takeaways from our discussion:

  1. De-anonymizing the Fan: Having a better understanding of fans attending the games/events is key to delivering more customized and personalized experiences. This is still a challenge for the majority of teams and venues, but Wi-Fi log-on data can often be a better indicator than ticket purchasers.
  2. Content is king, but context is key! Delivering the content when your fans want it, where they want it will not only help you market to your audience better, but you will drive increased levels of fan engagement.
  3. Data and analytics continue to become more relevant than ever before! Turning data into insights allows you to better manage your operations and business, which ultimately helps contribute to your bottom line. Having the right network infrastructure in place allows venues to capture the data and pair it with existing customer profile data for actionable insights.

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1. Digital lifestyle trends continue to influence new fan experiences. What are you seeing today?

Check out the full chat on our Storify archive: 

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