With the announcement of Cisco ONE Advanced Security we’ve taken one more step to align our infrastructure software portfolio to the objectives of our customers as they make the transformation to digital business. As more and more of our customers digitize their businesses — moving applications into the cloud and to the network edge, and making business decisions based on real-time analytics — security is more critical than ever.

Cisco ONE: Making Infrastructure Easy for Customers

Cisco ONE was launched a little less than two years ago as a simple, flexible, more valuable way for customers to consume infrastructure software. We now have more than 14,000 Cisco ONE customers, including 91 percent of the Fortune 100. And momentum continues to grow.

Cisco ONE customers already receive Cisco security capabilities embedded in every part of our Cisco ONE core infrastructure foundation in Data Center, WAN, and Access domains. And now with Cisco ONE Advanced Security they can more simply and easily obtain and deploy Cisco’s latest advanced security functionality.

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New Buying Centers

Cisco ONE Advanced Security helps us become increasingly relevant to more buying centers in our customers’ organizations. Previously, security was typically sold to security experts in the IT department, people with deep security expertise who know how to put together the various pieces to build a secure infrastructure. Now, Advanced Security through Cisco ONE allows buyers to obtain world-class security, with confidence and without having to be security experts.

A Partner Growth Engine

Partners play a huge role in the value proposition behind Cisco ONE Advanced Security. Our annual partner profitability study reveals that security is the single most profitable area of our partners’ business. And more than 2,700 partners have already sold Cisco ONE.

Today at Cisco Partner Summit, our annual partner conference, we’ll be hosting 2,200 partner executives from around the world. We’ll be talking with them about security and software, how Cisco’s approach is delivering effective security, made simple, and providing them with an engine for growth.

We’ll also be talking about the transition to software and how we’re helping them evolve their business model to drive profitable growth and recurring revenue. By adding new capabilities such as lifecycle adoption services, our partners are moving beyond initial sales to help customers take advantage of all of the capabilities they have access to as part of their Cisco ONE suite.

For partners, Cisco ONE dramatically simplifies the sales process, reducing the complexity of a deal and opening up services opportunities to activate the new software capabilities. Cisco’s partners also extend the value of Cisco ONE Advanced Security by building on top of these security capabilities with their own expertise and industry/domain specific applications, providing unique customer value. And, since all of these new suites are sold by subscription, this provides partners with the opportunity to generate their own recurring revenue streams.

We’re really excited about our latest addition to the Cisco ONE family. With Cisco ONE Advanced Security, customers have the flexibility to buy and use the right level of security for their organization, and can be assured that advanced security is never an afterthought. And for partners we believe this can be yet another tool to grow their security business and add value to what we offer our mutual customers.

For more details on Cisco ONE Advanced Security, take a look at the latest blog post from Pooja Kapoor and Dan Lohmeyer.