Our DevNet community has been championing application development, network programmability and automation for some time. They saw the value in building their software skills so they could take full advantage of the capabilities of “the new network” as they build solutions that integrate applications with infrastructure and migrate workloads to the cloud. Many are already seeing how software enables the potential to accelerate business and differentiate their offerings.

Our DevNet community members asked us to create Cisco DevNet Certifications; so we created them and they earned them. Many of our DevNet members work for Cisco partners, and they asked us to help recognize and differentiate their businesses. That’s what the DevNet Specialization is all about.

The new DevNet Specialization provides a path for ecosystem partners to build and enhance their software development practices, with a focus on automation and application development with Cisco platforms and APIs. Achieving this Specialization recognizes their expertise and ability to support customers with the right people, tools, and processes.

Many of you are already part of organizations that are investing in software development, especially for building automation, developing applications, deploying those applications, and creating secure solutions that bridge applications and infrastructure. Your organization can now be recognized with a Cisco DevNet Specialization designation that can fast track your ability to develop a high-margin business practice and build custom applications on top of Cisco platforms.

Now available to partners worldwide

Today, we’re celebrating the latest key milestone for DevNet. The DevNet Specialization is now available to all Cisco partners worldwide, and to those who are not currently, but would like to become Cisco Partners. It took only 16 days for the first 500 individuals to earn their DevNet Certifications. We’re hoping our Partners are excited about getting on board quickly too with two levels of DevNet Specialization to choose from:

  • DevNet Specialized, for those who are focused on a single technology domain
  • Advanced DevNet Specialized, for those with a focus on multi-domain infrastructure automation and app deployment.



What businesses will win in 2020?

With industry analysts predicting lower hardware spend in 2020 because of COVID-19, it’s evident that the biggest gainer coming out of 2020 will be software services, and managed services and solutions. And partners who build solutions on top of Cisco platforms, like DNA-Center, Intersight, Meraki and Webex, will deliver more value than partners who cannot.

But don’t just take my word for it

We created this new partner specialization with Oliver Tuszik, the SVP or Cisco’s Global Partner Organization (GPO). You should also check out today’s blog from Marc Surplus, vice president of Strategy and Planning for GPO.

Julia Chen, Cisco vice president, Global Partner Transformation said, “As our customers are increasingly seeking business outcome solutions and our partner ecosystem continues to rise to the challenge, we are excited to offer the new DevNet Specialization to our partners. Together, we will continue to perform the actions that drive our business while transforming to accelerate growth.”

And, there are already partners who have met the requirements for this DevNet Specialization. Here’s what one of the first has to say:

Susie DevNet Specialization quote

Automation and Apps are supporting new use cases

The current climate is driving rapid change. It impacts everything we do. The way we and our Partners do business has changed in a fundamental way that’s accelerating transformation, innovation, and growth. Automation and Apps are supporting new use cases in connectivity and collaboration, and driving global requirements for more secure, programmable, automated networks. This, in turn, is driving demand for people with the skills in these disciplines.

These skills, and the certifications to prove them, are possible thanks in large part to this DevNet community of software developers and network engineers who are out in front, making this shift happen every day, moving businesses forward. To support this community, we recently launched Share IT Solutions, and welcome our partners (and future partners) to join.

Realize your potential with automation and APIs

We’re looking forward to what we can do as our DevNet community continues to expand, as more partners come into the fold, and more of our customers worldwide can fully focus on realizing the potential that only automation and APIs can bring.

This is an exciting week for us all in the run up to Cisco Live Digital, June 16–17, 2020 and the long-awaited DevNet Day on June 18, 2020. I hope you’ve registered for both.

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