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- January 28, 2013 - 4 Comments

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  1. Looking at all the components one would almost think that the only thing Mike hasn't mentioned (yet) is that he's designing a Vblock 300. Add the Cisco MDS and your there (almost) :D

    • Hi Gary: This is not a Vblock design. It is closer to an EMC VSPEX solution, although it is larger scale than that. We don't use Cisco MDS Fibre Channel Switches in our VDI designs, since our Cisco Nexus 5548UPs and more recently, with the release of Cisco UCS Manager 2.1, our Cisco 6248UP and 6296UP Fabric Interconnects can do Fibre Channel Zoning themselves. Thanks for your comment!

  2. Hello Mike,, Wonderful design and architecture.Defintaley will give an addon on further cost cutting during design Phase. From the High level design it seems that you have not used an MDS between the FIs and EMC VNX array.So does that mean nexus 5548UP is handling FCoE traffic between FIs and EMC.It would be very much appreciated If you can please share more information on this.As till now I have validated/know only FC traffic for Direct connect Storage with UCS.

    • Hello Deepak! Your observation is correct. We used a Cisco Nexus 5548UP to connect both FC and IP storage from the EMC VNX7500. Fibre Channel zoning was handled on the Nexus switch. Please see Appendix A of the Cisco Validated Design for the zoning configuration. The universal ports on the Nexus switch communicate directly with the 8 Gb FC ports on both SPs on the VNX over Fibre Channel protocol for block based storage. Similarly, the universal ports on the Nexus switch communicate directly with four 10 Gb data movers on the VNX over ethernet for NFS file based storage. Thanks for your comments!