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Where does Unified Computing Makes Sense for IT?

March 17, 2009 - 0 Comments

Yesterday I had a question get asked often enough that we felt it best to answer it on our blog: where should I deploy Unified Computing Systems? We see four main opportunities for unified computing in the near-term:1) Greenfield Data Centers: it is always the easiest insertion of any new technology when the entire facility from the ground-up is being re-thought and we are applying all of the lessons of the past to a new clean-sheet design. The challenge is, of course, that many of the greenfield projects are paused for a while as we take stock of the current economic climate we are all operating in. Still, there are some consolidation projects that are far enough down the implementation path that pausing them is more costly than finishing them- and the Unified Computing System will be there for them.2) Patches of Green: I heard this term recently and it stuck with me. Even in many data centers that are fifteen years old we are deploying a new application, or taking virtualization technologies from the lab and test environment to production implementations. Unified Computing was purpose-built to optimize virtualized architectures and can be a great fit for these expansions. Given the large memory footprint there can be significant saving and efficiency gained by running large in-memory data base structures on a unified computing system as well.3) Retrofit/Retooling: These are hard. Nobody wants to go back and forklift an installed infrastructure, especially if it is working. Retrofits make sense when the data center is out of space, power, or cooling and only if the implementation of the new infrastructure extends the useful life of the facility within which it is operating. 4) Service Providers: Cisco has a long history of enabling our service provider partners to deliver scalable network-based services. As the SP community evolves traditional hosting to virtual hosting and cloud based architectures and consolidates disparate systems into IP-based Service Delivery Centers we have built a system that will enable new services to be created, new types of availability to be offered, and new hosting models to flourish.Which ones did we leave out? Where do you think the Unified Computing System can work for you?dg

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