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What are Cisco and Infoblox doing on the Webcast next week????

January 7, 2009 - 2 Comments

I have had more friends, co-workers, and even a few competitors ask me, “What are you doing with Stuart Bailey on the web-cast next week?” It turns out that so far over 500 people have registered do GReg Ness is doing one heck of a job driving attendance, but hey, a few more never hurt… and it will be a good session to attend so here is the link for registration! As far as what Stuart and I are going to chat about I’ll put a bit of a preview here. As most of you who know me can attest I think best on my feet, in front of an audience, with a whiteboard marker in hand, attributable solely to the marker smell, and sometimes I make PowerPoint slides the day of a presentation. (another fact is my boss told me I am sometimes a bit binary in my thinking, but I felt that was a compliment in the networking world, thanks {encode=”” title=”Paul”}!) Back to our chat- Infoblox has a product that is at an interesting abstraction point in the network- they bind names to addresses. This has been a rather poorly served section of the market that Infoblox and a handful of other companies have focused on improving. The relationship between the binding of a name to an address sounds rather simple, but when you get into portable workloads, virtual machines, IP address and VM sprawl, and infrastructures supporting 1000’s of servers it is a very and increasingly complex task. I think innovation creates value, and innovation, if it solves real customer problems, creates value for customers and as well as for shareholders. The world is changing, machines move, addresses move, networks have to be scalable but support addressing portability, and security must be maintained, even in a dynamically provisioned and autonomically re-provisioned environment. Today’s architectures are bespoke constructs stitched together from a variety of vendors with ‘assembly by the new owner’ (as an esteemed colleague of mine eloquently puts it). Owning the relationship between end-user visible IT taxonomy (the fully qualified domain name) and scalably routed IP addressing constructs is an important function and one that is garnering increased focus because of increased pain.A good panel is never all rosey though – lets face it, if everyone agreed on everything it is NOT a panel, it is a boring staged conversation that no one enjoys. I assure you Stu and I don’t see eye-to-eye on everything and may have a healthy discussion, dialog, and debate. I myself learn the most from those types of engagement. But please, don’t expect Jerry Springer to moderate…. dg

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  1. Ralf:If customers want it and Cisco wants it and there is a viable businesss case we would be very interested in working with Cisco on the WS-C6500.Thanks for asking!Sincerely,Greg Ness(Infoblox)

  2. Hi Doug,my customer found this blog and asked me:When does the WS-C6500 work together with Infoblox ?Can someone answer to this question ?Regards, Ralf