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Welcome to the First Cisco Data Center Networks Blog Entry

January 22, 2007 - 0 Comments

This is the inaugural posting on the Cisco Data Center Networks blog and, needless to say, I am much honored to be the one who writes it. Nonetheless, I would love this posting to be remembered as the one that started a series of useful and important discussions between Data Center experts (users, developers, marketers, journalists, analysts,-) rather than just the first one!As a blogger I have always found that long, content-free,”make-everybody-happy” postings are terribly boring and end up with no comments since very few people read them and everybody hopes they get archived soon because superficial entries use (or better said abuse) bandwidth and precious time.Everybody seems to agree that good blog postings should be concise, to the point and maybe controversial enough for people to get interested and willing to contribute to the discussion.That’s easy to say when you are not the one having to write them! And how do you do all that when you are asked to post on your Company’s website and you want to keep your job?I do not have the perfect answer (if anybody does, please, email me at,) but all I can do is take my Cisco hat off when I post on the blog and (at the risk of finishing both my professional and blog career very soon) offer to the reader my personal view of what’s happening in the Data Center. Granted that is somewhat biased by the Kool-Aid I drink and it will be an opinion to be supported or challenged, but there the ownership is on the readers to keep me honest. Please, do it!Now, as I said before, good blog postings should be concise and to the point. I think I have made my point, so I should stop this first (and hopefully not last) post here and get on the next”powerful” one-

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