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Watch This Space…

January 7, 2008 - 2 Comments

Have you ever run in a race? I used to run some in high school – I was never very good at it, but it was fun to compete. I always got this nervous energy and butterflies in my stomach coming up to the starting line. It’s that build-up of excitement right before something monumental to you at that time, something exciting, something visceral.I’m having that same feeling right now.I’ve been here for about 10 years now- and have spent the last four working in the data center space on some really ground-breaking technologies in both the Application Networking area and the core infrastructure space. It’s amazing to think that I have spent a bit over 10% of my life working on one project, but that’s what keeps me going.I titled this entry ‘Watch This Space’ because over the next several weeks and months there are going to be significant announcements in the data center from Cisco. Not just new boxes or features, but technologies that will transform the way networks are built, change the way IT operates, and set a new bar for availability, security, and manageability. That’s why I am so excited right now… the race is about to start.Watch this space.dg

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  1. Doug,I enjoy reading your visionary tidbits on this blog…please keep them coming.Last summer I attended one of your Data Center lunch sessions at Networkers…right after Data Center 3.0, Vframe, and the new VMware relationship had been touched upon in the keynote presentation. It was a good talk pointing out some of the vast possibilities that exist in the very near future. From the customer side, with limited information regarding new internal developments and research, I can only imagine what is coming next, but without a doubt the sky is the limit at this point on the networking evolutionary curve.I assure you your excitement is shared in the user community as well.

  2. Doug,Tease ! Looking forward to seeing some of the things which were being developed before I left reach the light of day ..Anne