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WAN Optimization ROI Study by Forrester Research

July 10, 2009 - 0 Comments

If you are a Fortune 2000-size organization, with 40 branch offices in North America and 10 branch offices in Europe and Asia. How much money can you save by deploying WAN optimization technologies? What kind of ROI should you expect?
If you’ve been searching for a quantitative answer, look no further. Here’s a detailed study on 9 organizations across the globe, conducted by top-tier industry analyst firm Forrester Research: 1 leading healthcare company with 120 facilities 1 engineering services company with $650M annual revenue 3 Fortune 1000 manufacturing companies 1 Fortune 1000 consumer products company 1 transportation company 1 international law firm 1 Federal credit union

And you may ask: So Feng you represent Cisco, what was your role in this research? Very simple, me and my colleagues introduced these 9 organizations to Forrester and then stepped out of the way. The ROI analysis was done by Forrester based on its independent interviews with the 9 companies.
OK I will stop the suspense, here’s the paper:

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