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WAN Optimization and Application Acceleration Case Study – Consumer Products Company Sony Ericsson

July 16, 2009 - 0 Comments

Imagine being tasked with drastically reducing costs of branch IT operations across 80 countries, while ensuring 5,000 geographically dispersed employees have consistent LAN-like access to accounting, enterprise planning, product life-cycle management (PLM) software, video, and document management applications. Paul Stephens, Head of Network Services for Corporate IT at Sony Ericsson, doesn’t have to imagine it – he lives it.By deploying the Microsoft and Cisco joint solution, Windows Server® on WAAS Sony Ericsson will save over €22,000 at each branch office by consolidating IT from a complex distribution of branch offices with their own networks, servers, and storage systems to a centralized data center. If that weren’t impressive enough, consider this:
Application acceleration – PLM software: Response time for project life-cycle management application increased by over 20 times.
•Application acceleration – video: Video transfer speeds increased by 400 percent. A video file transfer that used to take about 30 minutes between the United States and Mexico now takes about 6 minutes.
•Application acceleration – file sharing: “Before, it could take all night to send 12 gigabytes of data. Now it can be done in about an hour and a half. Our engineers no longer have to factor long file-transfer wait times of 12 or 18 hours or more into their project schedules.”
WAN optimization: “We estimate that Windows Server on WAAS will help us save about €17,000 per branch annually [U.S. $24,000] by allowing us to avoid bandwidth upgrades.”
IT flexibility and agility: Sony Ericsson IT department can perform many remote IT tasks more easily from a central location using Microsoft Systems Center and Cisco WAAS Central Manager. “With the Windows Server core functionality on Cisco WAAS devices, it’s easy for our central IT office to remotely manage and modify specific IT services based on a locale’s particular needs… This delivers a huge productivity boost for the IT department while enhancing the performance and availability of local users.”
But don’t just take my words for it. Check out this WAN optimization case study written by Sony Ericsson, Microsoft and Dimension Data. Windows Server on WAAS, which includes the Windows Server 2008 core OS running on Cisco WAAS software and hardware, provides Sony Ericsson with the flexibility to deploy corporate applications and infrastructure services across its branch and data center locations while taking advantage of WAN optimization and locally hosted Windows Server services.
And also checkout Sony Ericsson’s own video testimonial on using Cisco WAN Optimization solution:

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