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WAN Optimization and Application Acceleration Case Study – Manufacturing Monsanto

July 24, 2009 - 0 Comments

If your organization relies on Microsoft Office SharePoint® Server 2007 for global collaboration among thousands of employees across hundreds of widely dispersed locations, read this WAN optimization customer testimonial provided by Monsanto – a global agricultural company that uses technology to help farmers succeed while reducing agriculture’s impact on the environment. Monsanto has deployed Cisco WAN optimization solution across 107 sites and is taking it to the next phase. Let me first quote some highlights:Microsoft Sharepoint application acceleration: The Monsanto IT team measured the time to open a 13.8 megabyte Office Excel file on a server in St. Louis from an office in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Without Cisco WAAS, opening the file through Office SharePoint Server 2007 took 4.5 minutes. With Cisco WAAS, opening it the first time took just 1.3 minutes—a performance increase of about 71 percent. Opening the same file subsequently, after it was cached, took just 8 seconds.WAN optimization: Overall bandwidth usage has decreased by 50 percent in the sites using Cisco WAAS, which means that the same link can accommodate about twice as much traffic as in the past without becoming saturated. And you may ask: So what’s WAN optimization and application acceleration’s impact on the business? Let me simply paraphrase: Faster time to market.Here’s Monsanto CIO’s video testimonial on how Cisco WAN Optimization has streamlined the company’s collaboration: here’s the detailed case study published by Monsanto, Microsoft and Cisco:

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