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WAN Optimization and Application Acceleration Case Study – Cisco

June 24, 2009 - 5 Comments

Cisco has, and continues to be, committed to utilizing its own technology. Whether it’s been routing and switching over the years, or more recently Telepresence and WAN optimization (WAAS), Cisco IT has repeatedly shown organizations how to improve business processes using technologies. I’m sure your company does the same with its products, wherever possible.
With WAN optimization, Cisco is continuing the longtime strategy of leveraging its own technology and skill assets. Cisco IT has deployed WAN Optimization in its data center, we call it Cisco on Cisco: But that was a year ago, here’s a quick update:

Cisco now has over 70 offices optimized in production with WAN optimization, connected to a primary European data center in Amsterdam, with an additional connection to a US primary data center in Richardson, Texas due next month. An extended rollout was approved last month, which will grow the WAN Optimization deployment to 250+ offices and a total of 8 data centers. And for Cisco WAAS Mobile? We already have 1,500+ unique registered road warriors, thanks to its 5-minute installation and superior LAN-like user experience for a wide range of applications (SSL, CIFS, HTTP, MAPI, Lotus protocol-specific acceleration). Our users are especially happy about its performance in challenging environment such as cellular connections.
Some Cisco rivals mentioned their own 30-site deployment, others may ask: “So how’s WAAS deployment compared to Telepresence?” Consider this: As of early 2008, Cisco IT had nearly 4000 applications running on more than 15,000 physical and virtual servers in its data centers, and implements hundreds of large projects regularly to make its 67,000 employees productive. They cherry-picked only high ROI projects like any other Fortune 500 enterprises and gave no mercy to WAN optimization – it’s just another high impact technology. Therefore, the fact that WAAS has been deployed in production across 70 sites and compared to another elite technology Telepresence means the technology had in fact stood out above the crowd.
Check back soon on Cisco’s next phase of success on WAN optimization.
Feng Meng Product Marketing Data Center Solutions

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  1. the masters of FUD, riverbed, are at it again – they seem to know everything. I’d love to be able to read a post and some good arguments as opposed to who’s doing what internally. Move on, focus on your product and what if cisco has 67000 employees, do you expect everyone to have the client ? Why?Dude, your blog tops the hand waving blogs listSorry, I dont usually comment like this but I’ve just seen too many of these comments.

  2. We’ve been measuring the differences before and after WAAS through a few different mechanisms. For example, Cisco WAAS central manager console, Gomez, Cisco Network Analysis Module (NAM) and NetQoS SuperAgent.

  3. I would like see Meng’s response to A Critical Eye”” comments, as I share some similar concerns with him as well, thanks.”

  4. As a data center design and implementation consultant I advise my customers on allot technologies. WAN optimization/DR and application delivery acceleration are very much the need of a modern day data center.I read and re-read this post but allot of statements left me very confused.You say:Cisco IT only cherry picks high ROI projects……””As I understand it, Cisco has been shipping WAAS for 4+ years. So up till now (or last year) Cisco IT was not convinced of WAAS ROI. That’s strange! So what was being fed to many Cisco enterprise customers up until now as the ROI analysis for WAAS?You say:””An extended roll out was approved last month….””Typically reputable companies (who believe in their products) deploy them internally before 1.0 release. So they can claim while selling to their customers that, “”we have been internally running this for so much time””They run/test/bake/re-test their product internally. If this is an update from last year’s pilot, which means that Cisco did not even adopt this internally up until last year, in-spite of selling it for 3 years prior to that.You Say:””1500 road warriors are using WAAS mobile””I am pretty sure Cisco employs more than 67000 personal. Surely more that 1500 are remote or working from home. If there is an intense culture of “”Cisco on Cisco”” why is WAAS mobile not included in the corporate laptop golden image?This seem like a marketing sort, hand waving like blog. Cisco should focus on their routing/switching business, which they are good about. and not resort to selling whatever seems to the word of the day!”

  5. How are you measuring the improvements on the WAAS deployment? How did you measure the pre-WAAS and post-WAAS environment to decide on what should be optimised and how it is working? Which tools are being used?