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Virtualization and Data Center Disaster Recovery

May 19, 2008 - 6 Comments

Rich Miller recently posted on using containers for data center disaster recovery and references the Cisco Network Emergency Response Vehicle (NERV) as an example of deploying mobile data centers as part of a company’s disaster recovery strategy.NERV is certainly a cool concept and data centers have been put to good use in New Orleans and southern California. However, even mundane consolidation and virtualization efforts can pay off. Here is a link to a case study for how consolidation/simplification, IP Telephony and virtualization efforts were central to Cox Communications, Inc ability to quickly and safely restore business operations after Hurricane Katrina.

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  1. I agree that Expand seems to be WAN optimisation, is this relevant?

  2. Jason:I spent some time on the Expand website. Perhaps I missed something, but their focus seems to be primarily WAN optimization.By holistic, I meant management systems with a more encompassing scope, so you are no longer managing infrastructure directly. Say you need to move a workload across racks or across data centers for BC, SLA or power/cooling reasons. I am looking to a future where you can take a top-down approach--move the workload and have the underlying infrastructure be smart enough to figure out what to do in response.

  3. Barry:The stratavia products look interesting--especially the predictive analytics. I think this area (data center automation) is going to shortly become a center of activity in the data center since it helps address the complexity spawned by virtualization and increasing asset utilization and operational efficiency, which should then help with things like TCO, power and cooling, etc.I'd expect to see increased innovation in this area as well as some M&A;activity as companies (Cisco included) race to deliver a holistic solution.Omar

  4. Imagine V-Frame on Steroids

  5. Omar,Other companies already do offer a holistic solution. Expand Networks has been doing WAN optimization for a decade now. Incidentally they are also considered a leader by Gartner's Magic Quadrant. Cisco is considered merely a challenger"". Of course its best to find out for yourself:"

  6. I’ve been hearing plenty about data center consolidation lately but I’ve not heard of it being used for data recovery, especially in the event of a disaster or emergency. It is certainly an interesting conjecture and I’m sure that consolidation is going to do more for networks that anything else has in many years.