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Virtual Switching in the Data Center

January 4, 2008 - 0 Comments

Heard of Virtual Switching System on the Catalyst 6500 yet? This is something that was recently tested by David Newman over at Network World, and is linked here.I am quite excited about VSS- it is a technology that fundamentally changes the way we build data centers, period. Sure the performance is nice, but the real benefit is twofold:1) No Spanning Tree Loops are manually created in order to effect redundant paths. No blocked links, all active, and the failover times get cut by up to 95%. As much as it upsets my friends in IEEE 802.1 I would rather design Spanning Tree OUT of my network than have it IN my network with artificial loops.2) Reduced IP routing complexity. If every Aggregation pair of switches represents themselves to the core as one device this reduces EIGRP and/or OSPF routing topology complexity by 50%. Less devices means a smaller routing table, simpler topology, and still blazing fast failover speeds, that are actually quicker than what we had with just L3 Routing. I wanted to extend a special thanks to the small and tight-knit group of Engineers and PM’s who made this concept a reality, thanks team. This is going to change the way people design networks, simplifying them, and making them more resilient than ever.dg

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