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Unified Computing In Action

March 17, 2009 - 2 Comments

image Although we just announces the Cisco Unified Computing System yesterday, we already have it in production here at Cisco. We have a number of web, database and legal apps running on it, most of which you cannot access, except for News@Cisco which is open to the public. Listen to Sidney Morgan discuss some of his experiences with the Cisco UCS.

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  1. Mauricio:Thanks for your comments. So, as John Chambers pointed out on Monday, the UCS is about catching a market transition, not about any particular company out there.As far as HP and IBM, the reality is that they are big companies and they are not going anywhere. A prime example is the face-off with IBM over IP vs SNA. Both companies survived that encounter and in IBM's case they adapted the company as times changed and continued to thrive--and our relationship with them grew as a result. A more contemporary example is our relationship with Microsoft--while we compete in certain areas, there are still many areas, such as UCS, where we collaborate and will continue to do so.When you have companies with such broad IT footprints, there is going to be some inevitable stepping on toes, but, in the end, our joint customers expect us to work together to meet their needs and I expect that that is what we will all continue to do.Omar

  2. Hello, Omar,What do you think or have to say about partnership between Cisco and servers manufacturers, like HP and IBM? What Cisco is gonna do to that?