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Unified Computing from a Facilities Perspective

March 31, 2009 - 3 Comments

image With this latest installment, Doug Alger discusses how the Cisco Unified Computing System will impact strategies for cabling, power and cooling. The conversation then moves onto a broader discussion of addressing power and cooling requirements in a age of dynamic infrastructure.

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  1. Thanks for the comments--let me see if I can get Doug or Sidney to respond directly instead of me inserting myself in the middle.Omar

  2. data center cooling. my airbox"" design with 55 degree air curtainsprovides containment,cooling and segregation of heat.files are available for viewing on my blog at the data center journal. blog is titled ""green data center cooling"" link will take you to filesthis approach keeps cooling in defined streams and heat is directedin a defined space. this allows for a constant environment.the ""airbox"" system will work very well with cisco ucs and I want to find a way to have cisco review this system.I am not a big company,I am an individual with 30 years experience as a design build mechanical contractor.I know where the rubber meets the road"

  3. Some interesting takeaways, if I heard correctly:--after implementation, expect emptied space, but don't expect to fill the empty space with more heat/power consuming devices. This is fine for a non-space constrained, single enterprise facility, but may be less desirable for a facility that charges tenants by the square foot or by the rack. The tenant is going to want to minimize space and jam more devices in the rented space, up to the power/cooling density capabilities of the site--UCS decreases cable density that enhances ability to manage overhead infratructure--In the Cisco case, at this point, UCS is going to be considered for new design rather than retrofit. It would be interesting to know what the economic argument would be for retrofitting Richardson. Wait until currently installed equipment is due to be replaced? Would Richardson power/cooling handle UCS (presumably by removing some equipment from racks where UCS was installed).--average kw/Rack --10 year old sites: 2.2 kW/cabinet --Richardson (how old?): 4.4 kW --newer: 12 kW