Unified Data Center IQ Challenge : Two more weeks to win

October 26, 2012 - 0 Comments

As a quick reminder , to participate to this 6 weeks challenge and have a chance to win every week a new iPAD , you want to visit our Facebook page. The questions are submitted on Sunday midnight PST, and answers have to be provided  at the end of the week . Participation is easy and fun and allow you to collect points to compete for the highest IQ score. This best Unified Data Center “brain” will be the winner of the Grand Prize (valued US $2000).  Every week-end , you can answer bonus  questions, which give you additional points to catch up for the Grand Prize

Just a quick note today to share  with our numerous participants to the contest that this week challenge will be extended to Friday midnight PST  (instead of Friday noon) due to an outage on Monday , which impacted the access to the questions most of the day .

It’s a pleasure to introduce to you our last week winner Trevor Roberts Jr. (@VMtrooper
Trevor is a 15-year veteran of the IT industry.  As an Architect for VCE, he helps customers see the value of Cisco Data Center Solutions for Virtualization and Cloud Deployments.
Trevor believes the programmability of the Cisco UCS platform, especially, facilitates DevOps personnel realizing automation and orchestration goals that are challenging to achieve on other platforms.  This versatility allows IT departments and businesses to respond much quicker to customer demands.  Further, Trevor is excited to see how Cisco’s Software-Defined Networking (SDN) initiatives will spur the next evolution of Data Center Automation.
In his free time, Trevor enjoys travelling and blogging about applications of Cisco UCS and Nexus 1000V for Cloud at www.VMTrooper.com

If you haven’t entered the contest this week in answering the questions on virtualization it’s your opportunity to shine and win a new iPAD.

The questions as usual are pretty easy with multiple choice – You just need one correct answer to be eligible to win the weekly prize – Check out – If you know one answer you’d better go right away to Facebook to fill the form – All what we need is your e-mail address and your choices

  • Part of the Cisco multi-hypervisor strategy for Cisco Nexus 1000V , which solution is currently in beta?
    • Nexus 1000V virtual switch on the Citrix XenServer virtualization platform
    • Nexus 1000V virtual switch on Microsoft Hyper-V in Windows Server 2012
    • Nexus 1000V virtual switch the Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) open source hypervisor for Linux
    • Nexus 1000V virtual switch on the VMware vSphere hypervisor
  • Which Citrix solution Cisco will include in its “Cloud Network Services” portfolio
    • High-performance NetScaler MPX appliances
    • Multi-tenant NetScaler SDX platforms
    • Software-based NetScaler VPX virtual appliances
    • All of the above
  • Cisco acquired recently Virtuata and vCider. Which statement is obviously wrong?
    • vCider’s expertise will strengthen capabilities for Cisco’s network overlay technologies like VXLAN and LISP, especially in the areas of provisioning and automation via Openstack Quantum
    • The Virtuata technology will give our customers the ability to have sophisticated and consistent security for VMs across multi-hypervisor and multi-cloud environments
    • vCider team’s technology and expertise in provisioning and automation will be leveraged to further enhance Quantum plug-in development for Nexus 7000
    • vCider’s overlay-centric placement technology and best practices will help enhance the capabilities of our software controller
  • In a single Layer 2 network domain, VXLAN scales to over
    • 16 million virtual networks
    • 12 million virtual networks
    • 20 million virtual networks
    • 18 milllion virtual networks
  • Give the three (3) major Cisco hardware elements of the VXI solution?
    • UCS, WAAS, VXC 6215
    • ACE, Catalyst 6500, Nexus 5548
    • Nexus 1000V, MDS 9100, Catalyst 6500
  • WAAS, Nexus 5548, VXC 6215

The Bonus questions will be posted Friday midnight and will be on Big Data and security

Next week questions, starting Sunday midnight will be dedicated to Unified Fabric

To get clues follow @drombaut and @ciscodc – To visit  this week www.slideshare.com/ciscodatacenter would be also a good idea.

Good luck

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