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Unified Data Center IQ Challenge : The Learning Experience

October 19, 2012 - 0 Comments

As a quick reminder , to participate to this 6 weeks challenge and have a chance to win every week a new iPAD , you want to visit our Facebook page. The questions are submitted on Sunday midnight PST, and answers have to be provided not later than Friday 12:00PM  PST.  Participation is easy and fun and allow you to collect points to compete for the highest IQ score. This best Unified Data Center “brain” will be the winner of the Grand Prize (valued US $2000).  Every week-end (Friday noon to Sunday) you can answer bonus  questions, which give you additional points to catch up for the Grand Prize.

The winner of week 2 (questions about Cisco Open Networking Environment) was Mohamed Fawzy Saleh from Egypt  who won a new iPAD. Mohamed is a student, very passionate by network technologies . Congratulations Mohamed!
From my point of view , one of the best quality of the high tech population is the thirst to keep learning in a fast changing and demanding environment . One of the intention of this challenge (game?) is to suggest every week questions to stimulate your curiosity.

My ask this week for you as we are moving to the next bonus questions for this weekend  (Security – See below) and week 4 (Virtualization) of the challenge is to tell us what you think about the set of questions. Did you learn? Did you find the questions interesting ? Just as a reminder, and for the new participants, here are the topics we covered so far.  





Week 1
Oct 1-  Oct 4

Low Latency Switch

Algo Boost Technology – Nexus 3548

Berna Devrim
Gabriel Dixon 

Oct 5- Oct 7

Mission Critical Application

SAP Oracle Microsoft on UCS

Rick Speyer
Chip Lawson
Rex Backman

Week 2
Oct 8- Oct 11


ONE (Open Newtorking Environment)

Omar Sultan 
Gary Kinghorn

Oct12- Oct 14

Desktop Virtualization

VDI/VXI with Citrix and VMware

Tony Paikeday –
Jonathan Gilad

Week 3
Oct 15 – Oct 18

Unified Management

Intelligent automation for Cloud – SAP IT Process Automation – Cloud Management

Rodrigo Flores –
Wayne Greene –
Carolina Fernandez

Bonus Questions

Today the bonus questions are about Data Center Security – As it is the weekend, and we want to be very casual and relaxed, here is a clue that will definitely put you on the right track :  You may want to watch the September 12th webcast “Defending the Data Center ” and check our blog at this time.  Each correct answer will provide this  time 20 points ! Yes you read correctly 20 points !

Next week questions

The question next week will be about virtualization. To be prepared , a good idea will be probably to check the Cisco-Citrix announcement, including Shashi Kiran and Gary Kinghorn recent blogs-  Additional clues will be provided on Twitter (@drombaut and @ciscodc), and on .

Answers to the week 3 questions about Cisco Unified Management Solutions 

This week was dedicated to this topic- Here are the results

Name 4 manual steps that are removed with the implementation of IA for Cloud
Correct Answer:  Procurement, Installation, Configure , Secure

How does the SAP IT Process Automation by Cisco solution improve IT operational efficiency?
Correct Answer: All of the aboveUnified IT Incident Respons  Advanced Reporting and Compliance capability Visual Configuration Environment

What has been qualified with OpenStack Cisco Edition?
Correct Answer:  All of the above = Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud  – Ubuntu 12.040.01 LTS – Red Hat RHE

What is not a critical element of Cisco Cloud Management for OpenStack?
Correct Answer:  
Organizational single-tenancy     Organizational multi-tenancy is a critical component

Describe the following: What is a NSM zone?

Correct Answer:  An NSM zone is a tenant network container that can contain VLANs or ENCs

The information isn’t available on the NSM page, or any documents on it. Instead you  had  to find the concepts document

Network_Services_Manager/5.0/user/guide/concepts.html  on Google, etc. and then describe what zones are in the context of NSM

Should I say…good luck !

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