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UCS PowerTool One Liners

July 11, 2012 - 2 Comments

This will probably be my shortest blog ever! Perhaps it is really a bloglet, whatever the case here’s what I’m doing. A question was posted in the Technical Discussions forum of the UCS section of the Cisco Developer Network

I have an environment consisiting of 20+ chassis … I’d like to be able to get the number of open blade slots on each of these.

I’m sure there has to be a command i can put together for this.

Any ideas?

Here’s my response:

Something like this should work

PS C:\> Get-UcsFabricComputeSlotEp -Presence empty | Select-Object dn,chassisId,Rn

Dn ChassisId Rn
— ——— —
fabric/server/chassis-1/slot-5 1 slot-5
fabric/server/chassis-1/slot-6 1 slot-6
fabric/server/chassis-1/slot-7 1 slot-7
fabric/server/chassis-1/slot-8 1 slot-8

So I decided why don’t I tweet this and other UCS PowerTool One Liners on a regular basis. I’ll tag the tweets #ucsptol and expect to tweet a few a week. Follow me @johnamcdonough to get the goodness.

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  1. John, the twitter link is messed up and takes you to the wrong John McDonough. The other guy likes sailing by the way and looks enough like you to really confuse people.

    • Tony,

      I fixed it, thanks. Hopefully I didn’t miss out on too many followers due to the error.