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Today my laptop was stolen….

October 9, 2008 - 5 Comments

In the last 24 hours I went to my car, went for a drive, and noticed that it was a bit breezy. I looked over the the right and noticed a good bit of glass all over the place, some of it underneath me, and where o’ where was my briefcase, with my snazzy MacBook Air, external HDD, US Passport, and notebook. Yeah I was irked a bit!But today I showed up at work, fired up my iPhone, checked email for a bit in a meeting. Then went to my office, grabbed a 4Gb MacBook with 250Gb HDD and within 6 minutes had MobileMe download my email settings, bookmark bar, contact list, and most recent calendar. By the time I get home this eve I will have it synchronized with my most recent backup. Some call this desktop streaming, some can call it cloud services, as a user today I just call it darn good…. so not as a technologist, but as a regular guy rather humbled by an annoying criminal I respectfully disagree with Laryy Ellisons assertion that ‘cloud’ is all hype if ‘cloud services’ make my life this much easier.Steve Jobs- do me a favor- make TIme Capsule a service… and also make sure I can get all my ITunes songs again if I sign up for the Time Capsule Service….dg

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  1. Oouch! Hopefully you had the Apple disk encryption enabled. Although Im sure that thief had no idea what that data was worth to some of your silicon valley neighbors.

  2. Hi Doug,(Longtime blog reader.)Damn, thats a PITA. I had that happen to me a few years ago.I do hope one thing: you had the data encrypted. The cloud is good as long as it doesn’t disperse! I still feel wary of putting my data into a cloud that gives me no SLA (.Mac used to have an SLA, not sure if MobileMe does).Don’t you think thats important also?

  3. Sorry to hear that. Can’t help but its amazing how cloud services solve these issues seamlessly.I use the backup services in the cloud and have a synced environment both in the office at home.

  4. thanks Marc. It’s a pain. Have snazzy new MacBook back to about 90%, Foldershare is syncing my main work folder with a few other folks on my team and I am missing a paper we wrote on Cloud Computing and what we should build, but that should be on my backup at home….Must say, if the guy who stole my passport, laptop, and HDD reads this I’ll pay you retail for them back 🙂 The data is more important than the HW.

  5. Sorry to hear about Doug. Good luck getting your digital life back to normal.