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The Train Keeps Rolling…

- January 27, 2009 - 6 Comments

imageSo, a year ago, we kicked off a little party with the launch of the Nexus 7000 and NX-OS. As you can see, we have been busy year–we have fleshed out the Nexus portfolio with the Nexus 5000 and 1000V, established NX-OS as our pervasive data center OS and implemented some key technologies like DCE, FCoE and VN-Link.imageBut we are not done yet, so……for you, our faithful followers, a little preview of some of the things we will announce a later today. First of all, we are announcing the availability of 18-slot 7000 we initially discussed at the launch last year–for those of you wondering, that gives you 768 ports of GE or 512 ports of 10GbE in a physical chassis–that can still be segmented into up to 4 virtual switches using VDC technology. There are also some enhancements to NX-OS I’ll dig into in a later post.imageWe have also adding the Nexus 5010, a 1RU version of the Nexus 5020 for folks with lower server densities in their racks.imageLast, and not least, we are announcing a new member of the family–the Nexus 2000 Fabric Extender. This innovative new technology opens up all sorts of possibilities for server networking. Here is a pic for now–details to follow.imageSo, there is your sneak peek for now–more details to follow over the next few days.image

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  1. omar:then the value of the 2000 decreases. because it is totally dependent on the would have been nice to still have the capability to detach it .....the cost of a 2000 vs a 4948 is not that much ...yet the 4948 does give you alot more and not dependant on anything...i am a little confused about the strategy on the 2000 and the nexus architecture ...there is so much conflict between the traditional cisco networking gear and the nexus platform ..specially the 5k and 2k combo...this is my confusion..i would by a switch with less features than the 4948 and the only thing i am getting is a smaller managment domain with the 2k 5k combo.then the 5k is only limited to 12 2k or 10 2k fully connected..580 ports.this is something tottaly diffrent and the startegy is somewhat conflicting ....

  2. The Nexus 2000 will always be dependent on an upstream switch; however, we are exploring other options beyond the N5K. The specific features supported on the N2K will be dependent on the features of the upstream switch the N2K is connected to.Omar

  3. when are you going to make the nexus 2000 have the capability to detach from the cisco 5000..will the cisco 2000 have routing capabilities

  4. When are N2K details available?

  5. There is nothing fluffy about the 'little white box'...automatic configuration, radically reduced management hassles, and much more are what customers will see from this. As Omar says, more to follow...

  6. Omar, Omar, Omar.... why do you persist in using GE for Gigabit Ethernet when you should use GbE like you do for 10GbE? Do you prefer 10GbE and thus rememebr the 'b' there? Just curious.Good snapshot for folks though of what is coming! Is the little white box at the end also named, Fluffy""? or does it have some really neat customer value like 'Zero Touch Installations?' Just curious...dg"