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The SAN Boot, soon will be making another LUN.

February 28, 2011 - 2 Comments

As part of some current SharePoint 2010 on FlexPod work, I have been setting up some VMware ESX servers to boot from SAN. After a few quick searchs I found a few very good posts online.

BootFromSAN101 with Cisco UCS
UCS Boot Whitepaper

I thought the BootFromSAN 101  post had a good outline. So I decided to take it a few steps futher and create a video on NetApp storage provisioning, Cisco Nexus 5000 zoning and Cisco UCS boot from SAN for VMware vSphere ESXi 4.1.

Some basic facts about the software and hardware used and a quick outline for the video.

Cisco Hardware/Software
UCS Manager: Version 1.4(1j)
Blade CIMC Controller:Version 1.4(1j)
Blade BIOS: S5500.86B.01.00.0036-191.061320091126
Blade Interface Card: Version 1.4(1j)
CS 5108 Blade Server Chassis
UCS 2104XP Fabric Extender/4 external 10Gb ports
UCS B200 M1 Blade Server; dual Intel Xeon X5570 CPUs (2.933 GHz & 4 Cores), 48GB RAM (DDR3 1067 MHz)
UCS 6120XP 20-port Fabric Interconnect
Nexus5020 Chassis (40x10GE) version 5.0(2)N2(1)

NetApp Hardware/Software
RAID group size 16 containing 11 SAS 10K 600GB
8.0.1 7-Mode
Configured active/active system
NetApp System Manager 1.1



Nexus 5000 Zoning

NetApp System Manager/Provisioning

UCS Boot policy

A collegue of mine, Mr. Allan Wilson, was kind enough to lend me a diagram of the physical topology.

Best practice post for single initator/target zoning

If you run into any issues there is a very good troubleshooting checklist already created for you.

Troubleshooting SAN Boot and Connect

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  1. Hi David, I'm trying to get a handle on NetApp and how it should be physically configured. I think I understand the diagram but it would be nice if the devices were labeled. Thanks.

    • Robert, Thanks for the feedback. I couldn't agree more. Please see the updated diagram.