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The Latest Release of Cisco Tidal Enterprise Scheduler – Workload Automation for Global Organizations

April 10, 2012 - 0 Comments

Workload Automation is the triggered or scheduled activities that drive batch and real-time business process automation moving data across an ecosystem of applications and compute environments.  This is mission critical “back office” IT business data process capability.    I introduced Workload Automation in a previous blog,  We have customers who use the Cisco Tidal Enterprise Scheduler to perform the most critical activities in their enterprise.  Many of the health care providers, insurance companies, manufacturing giants, and financial service outfits rely on these technologies to drive their business.

We recently made generally available our workhorse release of the Cisco Tidal Enterprise Scheduler for the next few years.

The 6.0.3 release has readied our technology for a broad array of enterprise application integrations and importantly has added the latest web services capabilities that allow our Scheduler to integrate with the broad array of cloud based services and applications.  Because your business is global and your customers/partners run their businesses in various time zone, we have also added the ability to schedule any job in a specific time zone, even if the agent and master are located in a completely different time zones.   We find Global enterprises need this capability as business runs around the clock.  Finally we have added the ability to run a job process when the resource state of a compute endpoint meets certain constraints.  We call this resource aware Workload Automation.  You can now run jobs rest assured that enough compute resources are available such as memory, CPU, or storage.  This last item brings me to a partner of ours that provides historical and predictive analytics for our Workload Automation suite,

Workload Automation – aka Enterprise Job Scheduling has come a long way since the Mainframe.  Our newest release of the Cisco Tidal Enterprise Scheduler is the basis of what will be an incredible journey to self service, mobile, cloud and big data.

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