Welcome back! There wasn’t much lead time between my last blog and this one, but the Cisco “travel bug” has taken hold and it stops for no one. This time our Cisco global world tour takes us to Munich, Germany. Cisco is excited to be joining NVIDIA at their yearly GPU Technology Conference (GTC)  in Europe and proud to support the show as a platinum sponsor.

As most of you know when you join me on my blogging journey we always dedicate a little time for trivia. So here we go:

  • The Neues Kino Gabriel in Munich is most likely the oldest cinema in the world. It has existed since 1906.
  • The BMW factory located in Munich actually has its own zip code.

and of course, since it’s October

  • During Oktoberfest the city increases escalator speeds to move crowds quicker from point A to B.

Now that we’ve gotten trivia out of the way and you’re all prepped to ride the speeding escalators through Munich, you’re probably wondering what Cisco will be doing in Germany. Well, here we go.

Cisco and NVIDIA at GTC Europe

Over the past year Cisco and NVIDIA have worked together to develop and provide customer solutions that span from big data to Win10 migration. This year, however, we have turned our attention to AI/ML and brought to market the Cisco UCS C480 ML M5.  With the addition of the C480 ML to the UCS portfolio Cisco is putting the necessity of customers to easily consume AI/ML and shorten time to insights at the forefront of our AI/ML strategy.

At NVIDIA GTC we showcasing how Cisco can enable enterprise environments to more easily run powerful machine learning/deep learning-based analytics on infrastructure that fits in seamlessly into on-prem data centers.

All the excitement still doesn’t stop there.  Cisco is bringing the full GPU Accelerated data center to Europe and you don’t want to miss out on all of the awesome opportunities to visualize the possibilities:

Visit Cisco Booth P.07

Machine learning solutions on Cisco UCS

See how you can capitalize on the adaptability of Cisco machine learning computing solutions to power artificial intelligence workloads at scale and to extract more intelligence out of data and make better decisions.

GPU Accelerated Virtual Workspaces

Cisco will demonstrate the power of Cisco UCS & NVIDIA GPUs to provide users with a rich and immersive experience for Microsoft Window 10 and graphic-intensive applications.

Quadro® Virtual DC Workstations

Cisco, in collaboration with our partner EBB3, will demonstrate the power of Cisco UCS & NVIDIA GPU’s for high-performance graphic virtual workstations.

Cisco and EBB3 will show you how a GPU accelerated virtual workstation can help free users from the confines of a physical location, deliver resources from a data center, and provide secure access on any device, anywhere.

Cisco UCS C480 ML Rack Server

Designed for the most compute-intensive phase of the AI and ML lifecycle: deep learning. This server integrates NVIDIA GPUs and high-speed interconnect technology combined with large storage capacity and up to 100-Gbps network connectivity. Stop by the booth at GTC Europe to see the newest addition to the Cisco AI/ML portfolio.

Register for Cisco Speaking Session

Infrastructure Choices for Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Wednesday October 10th | 14:30 -15:15

Vikas Ratna – Product Manager, Cisco
Ravi Mishra – Sr. Technical Marketing Engineer, Cisco

In this session, you will learn what factors to consider when making infrastructure choices and what the benefits of on-premise infrastructure are for machine learning and deep learning.

Learn more about the session and the demos here

Willkommen in München,
@bhcopeland out!


Brandon Copeland

Ecosystem Partner Marketing Manager

Global Partner Marketing