Modern companies need to move quick. And to do so, they need things to be streamlined. From hosting 40,000 people at a big game, to churning out thousands of newspapers hot-off-the-press, to delivering millions of pizzas right on time. To keep up, companies need an integrated solution powering their IT that’s fast…REALLY fast.

Learn how Cisco and Pure Storage came together to build the FlashStack converged infrastructure solution, combining the innovation and compute power of Cisco UCS and the all-flash arrays of Pure Storage, for a solution that can power anything.

FlashStack is a streamlined, flexible, transformative approach to IT infrastructure. It fully supports mission critical enterprise applications and provides a robust platform for cloud services. FlashStack combines the latest in computing, network, storage components into a single, integrated architecture that accelerates time to deployment, lowers overall IT costs, and reduces deployment risk.

FlashStack is validated with common workloads and applications to reduce deployment risk and help IT organizations quickly and easily deploy the right infrastructure. FlashStack architectures are comprehensively documented and defined in Cisco Validated Designs, which are available at cisco.com/go/flashstack.

So join the FlashStack revolution. To learn more, visit us at: flashstack.com or cisco.com/go/flashstack