The Cisco UCS Social Map

July 9, 2012 - 0 Comments

As I was looking for social media outlets in which Cisco UCS was being discussed, I found several of them.  The intent was to see where someone just introduced to the Cisco UCS could find not just product literature, but real life examples from user communities.  We are all busy, and it would be nice to learn from the experience of others, and sure enough social media can help us with peer-to-peer information dissemination.   In June I participated in an Information Week event where Lenny Leibmann moderated a very educational discussion among IT professionals and saw how IT peers could benefit. Sometimes sharing information is inhibited by the fact that IT peers may be working for competing market entities. Nevertheless, I decided to forge ahead and look for all the social media outlets and user groups that discussed Cisco UCS.



A quick LinkedIn groups search for “Cisco UCS” yielded 22 results with at least three (listed below) that had more than a thousand members.  Some of the groups were focused on solutions such as HCS and Cloud.  Many of the user groups were geography based UCS user groups such as the Atlanta Cisco UCS User group.

Cisco UCS group

Cisco Unified Computing (UCS) group

Cisco UCS Pros group



A search on Youtube for videos surfaced more than a thousand.  Also the most viewed in the list was from the series on Cisco UCS networking architecture and best practices with more than twenty one thousand views. A series of videos by Jeremiah Cook were also very popular and showed up in the top 10.

Cisco UCS Networking

Fundamentals of UCS

UCS Presentations by Jeremiah Cook

Panduit Solutions for UCS

Videos from Collin Lynch ( @UCSguru)



I found several blogs with useful information, but listed only those which were dedicated to UCS.



I found two hash tags #CiscoUCS  or #Cisco_UCS with very interesting tweets. Additionally there were some tweeters with UCS baked into their handle.

@CiscoServerGeek, @Cisco_UCS , @UCSNinja , @ucsguru


Slideshare & Quora

A search on the phrase “Cisco UCS” yielded over 2000 results on Slideshare.  Cisco UCS is also being discussed on Quora.



I even found some facebook pages dedicated to the Cisco UCS.


Last but not the least Cisco’s own support forums and developer networks include the following


I am sure this is not a comprehensive list and I did not get all of the social media forums.  So if you have found any other useful sources please let me know, and I will add it to my running list.


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