Superheroes of the Cloud Part Two: Be in Touch with your Customers

July 12, 2012 - 0 Comments

In my journeys of talking to IT organizations I come across individuals who really stand out in their drive and passion to transform their organization and achieve a pragmatic cloud for their stakeholders.  This is the second in a series of Blogs on the Superheroes of the Cloud.  What makes these individuals and their organizations special is that they distinguish their organizations by having a unique angle to their Journey to the Cloud.   I won’t spell out the exact formula but I will offer some tidbits on why I am impressed by these superheroes.

The move to the cloud and the force of that current has surprised analyst, vendor, and customer alike.  We at Cisco believe in a strong Partner Ecosystem to support our customers in their journey.  Four years ago we had probably a dozen experts in Intelligent Automation Software on the planet.  Today that number probably exceeds 200 and will be soon be above 1000.    We are actively training and enhancing expertise at our IA for Cloud partners so that they can help their clients leverage the value of our cloud stack.

I am very impressed with our partners.  They have a desire to learn, to invent offers, and to watch the fruits of their labors grow successful at their clients.  This superhero of the cloud is very in touch with his clients.  He can see requirement patterns and knows what offers he can go to market with.   He sees the potential for his customers and his business.  He is a great partner for Cisco.

This Cloud Hero is Johan Milbrink, Data Center Practice Manager, Presidio Networked Solutions

Superhero 1:  Ryan Carrico of Paypal

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