Superheroes of the Cloud Part One: Differentiate Your Company through a Proactive Philosophy

July 10, 2012 - 0 Comments

In my journeys of talking to IT organizations I come across individuals who really stand out in their drive and passion to transform their organization and achieve a pragmatic cloud for their stakeholders.  This is first in a series of Blogs on the Superheroes of the Cloud.  What makes these individuals and their organizations special is that they distinguish their organizations by having a unique angle to their Journey to the Cloud.   I won’t spell out the exact formula but I will offer some tidbits on why I am impressed by these superheroes.

Traditional IT organizations have silos.  I know we are tired about hearing about these silos and the problems it creates, but human nature is one that abhors that change.   This superhero has a philosophy based upon the value of converged infrastructure, namely VCE, Inc. vBlock.  The transformation from legacy infrastructure to vBlocks causes the IT organization to get over the “this is not the way we do it in the network team” philosophy.   Moving to converged infrastructure because of the organizational and human factors issues is quite a statement.   It is a difficult uphill task, but the spoils are indeed great.

Green or brown field?   I have come across many shops that are building new data centers and are viewing their management and automation toolset as a greenfield have an easy challenge:  new tools for the new digs.  The Cloud visionary in this organization is taking a pragmatic approach in integrating both the legacy servers along with the new vBlocks in the cloud control plane.  Very cool.  And very pragmatic.

Finally, I have heard this visionary talk of his organization automation activities as a practice.  A PRACTICE.  That is was professional services companies call their competency in a specific area.  This  hero considers his organization as leading an automation practice that results in competitive differentiation.   This cloud hero is Ryan Carrico, Advanced Technology and Research Team at PayPal.

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