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Stratus – Head in the Clouds, Come back to Earth!

March 3, 2009 - 3 Comments

I just perused a few press quotes on the recent vaporware Stratus announcement from my friends down the street. David Yen, executive vice president of the Data Center Business Group was quoted in eWeek and a few other magazines with the following comments. My feedback is in bold.The Stratus Project has been in the works for more than a year, says Yen, with the goal of creating a scalable, flat and lossless fabric that will carry all types of data center traffic via a single architecture at 10GB Ethernet access port speed. — ummm, we did that last year“Stratus extends Juniper’s high-performance networking core competencies into the datacenter,” Yen said. “It allows Juniper to enter a new addressable market space. We have no vested interest in prolonging suboptimal legacy architectures. We are in a unique position to revolutionize the datacenter.” Read: Juniper wants to obsolete your FIbreChannel SAN and Storage Infrastructure, and, coincidentally, without understanding the IT environment you are moving into, with no experience at all, you expect to disrupt it. Good luck.“œData centers will grow larger,” he said.”A new, adequate solution must be provided.” Read: We focus on adequacy, adequate is good enough. With the Nexus we focused on redefining, setting new performance and availability levels, and reshaping the data center network. “œIf you don’t support a converged fabric – you’re limiting flexibility” within the data center, Yen said. I totally agree, want a job? Or a Nexus?

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  1. Doug:I just think its odd to announce these switches when they have yet to ship the data center switch that was announced over a year ago–you know, the one that was apparently designed for the suboptimal legacy architectures”” in which they have no vested interest. Kinda kills the investment protection angle–then again, why invest in a switch that “”limit[s] flexibility”” in the first place. Omar”

  2. As pointed out earlier that they announced a data center switch”” around the same time last year when Cisco announced Nexus/Unified Fabric AND started shipping Nexus.Now they are alluding to their own last year data center switch announcement as “”suboptimal legacy architecture”” and just for the record that data center switch isn’t shipping yet while Cisco Nexus has over 400 customers with more than 20% fortune 100 customers.Considering the chorological events above & fact that Stratus project was just started about a year ago, it appears that they got a reality check & went back to the drawing board after Cisco Nexus announcement and came up with this “”me too”” strategy.While this goes to show how a company which is just playing catch up with Cisco and has no data center vision or strategy of its own can shortchange it’s customers — it is also a strong proof point around customers & industry’s adoption of Cisco Data Center 3.0 vision & strategy, which has compelled them to follow us when they have no relevance or experience in this space…”

  3. Stratus is indeed a term for a type of cloud, however, the type it describes is a LOW LAYER, FEATURELESS cloud!