Simon Crosby on GigaOm

Read the following article today on GigaOm– Seeing as I inadvertently left my briefcase and laptop in a cab this week and it took a few days to get it I may be a bit behind. (Thank you to the incredibly kind cab driver in New Orleans who brought it back to the airport so they could send it to me though! Was quite the good karma day where that was concerned)I somehow usually disagree with Simon on things, might be because of background, ideaology, where we work, or something, but in this article I find myself agreeing with his latter viewpoints quite a bit. For instance this time around I think Desktop Virtualization or Remote Desktops are poised to take off. I also agree with him that Ethernet is changing the way storage networks have been historically run and designed, although in the case of FCoE it is doing so in a very transparent way that is as non-disruptive as possible to both storage and network administrators. I think ‘Clouds’ are the next hype-term for the next year or two. People are coming to grips with Virtualization and how it reshapes IT, creates service and software based models, and in many ways changes a lot of the physical layer we are used to. Clouds will be the next transformation over hte next several years, building of of the software models that virtualization enabled.Wanted to say thank you to all the customers and partners I met at CiscoLive/Networkers last week. Was great seeing all of you, all 11,000 of you for that matter. Also wanted to pass a special thanks to those who filmed some vlogs with us and the 1500 or so who joined me wishing DIno Farinacci a ‘Happy Birthday’. Take Care.dg

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