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Seeing Is Believing! UCS Advantages Made Visual

- March 22, 2011 - 3 Comments

Our Technical Marketing Engineers (TMEs) have delivered a library of technical videos, accompanied with voiceover explanations in clear, simple English, to show you how the Unified Computing System really works.  Taken as a whole, this library provides a great functional tour of UCS, but it’s broken down into very digestible, well-defined topics so that you can zero in on topics and features of particular interest.

Ever Wonder What a UCS Service Profile Actually Looks Like? remains one of the most-viewed UCS posts on the Cisco Data Center blog, and I think Kevin Houston’s wordless video provides a great visual overview of all of the elements of the system. Now you can get a guided tour of service profile and template creation (“Service Profiles and Templates” video) for a hypothetical SAP deployment.

In What Will UCS Mean For Your Job? I described how different IT groups can be given access to configuring various aspects of the system, as dictated by the needs and norms of their particular organization. The video “Organizations and Roles” will show you exactly how you do that.

If you have an interest in UCS C-Series management, “Blade and Rack-Mount Management” in the Infrastructure section  shows how to bring a C-Series Rack-Mount Server into the Unified Computing construct with UCS Manager v1.4.

The library also includes discussions of BIOS and firmware management, server pre-provisioning, high availability during upgrades and many other important topics I haven’t yet gotten to in this blog. It also includes more discussion of the Cisco Developer Network tools, including the UCS Platform Emulator and developer sandbox, than you’ve seen here to date.

Go take a look—and then let us know what other topics you’d like to see us cover.


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  1. Lisa, pleasure to connect on Twitter. Great web site. I love that VCE (where I am in Solutions Engineering & Marketing) Vblock solutions are built on UCS. I think most in the market still are not aware of how far ahead of the blade paradigm UCS and the fabric interconnect concept it. Regards Imran

  2. You're welcome, Kevin, you put out a lot of great info. I agree with you that the ultimate differentiator for UCS is the management paradigm. That's not to say there aren't significant operational advantages from our I/O innovations, including unified fabric, network interface virtualization (NIV) and VM-FEX (many of my colleagues would argue those points far more vociferously than I, in fact). But it's no accident that the videos that cover those topics and even the one on extended memory don't include shots of the hardware: they show how readily you can scale out your infrastructure with minimal physical intervention.

  3. Lisa - thanks for mentioning my site. I've found the Cisco emulator a great help in experiencing the value that UCS brings in the management of the environment. Let's face it - the management of UCS is where the value of the product lies. Without it, it's just a server.