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Role of Application Delivery Controllers in a Virtual Data Center

February 17, 2010 - 2 Comments

We all know that VMware based data center virtualization is here to stay and is quite rightly incorporated in enterprise and service provider application delivery infrastructure. Although many benefits are gained by migrating to a virtual data center, deploying a virtual data center infrastructure that solves your application delivery needs can be challenging. The most common challenge faced is related to application deployment i.e. how will administrators create virtual machines (VMs), deploy applications, provision traffic flows between virtual servers and Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs), and perform routine maintenance of applications in a timely manner to meet business objectives.

Today quite a few ADC vendors have provided fragmented solutions which increase complexity.  To realize the real advantage of virtual application delivery requires the application services to be integrated within the management environment of the virtual infrastructure and the virtualized data center. For example, in VMware’s case the vCenter will need the capability to provide appropriate controls for provisioning new VMs to the ADC, present views of traffic flows, and tools for automating change control associated with the application delivery framework.

 Today this challenge has been addressed by one such ADC and it simplifies delivery of applications, even if they are deployed in virtual environments.  Why?.. Because VMware has the capability to share compute resources among application loads and this next generation ADC enables sharing of the network bandwidth among network loads and provides vCenter-integrated tools and features to simplify application delivery.

So, having a virtual data center with an applications running in VMs does not simplify, but actually increases the complexity of application delivery. To reduce complexity and simplify application delivery in a virtual data center…  READ MORE!

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  1. It's a fantastic topic.The virtual link center command is a Cisco IOS “Router” configuration command, that is used by network administrators.You should check the link to find out the IPV6 - The area virtual-link authentication."

  2. Look...the CSCO ADCs are the lowest performing units out there. I think Cisco should acquire Citrix or F5 so they can stop being a me too in this space.