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Private/Hybrid Cloud…High-Performance Computing….Large Scale Virtualization….Big Data….are you getting the most from your Data Center resources?

December 13, 2011 - 0 Comments

So what makes Cloud, Virtualization, and Big Data so interesting? It’s a familiar question for every data center manager and network engineer that manages and designs the networking infrastructure in a datacenter. Like most IT departments, you have been challenged by the cost cutting to control capital outlays and operational expenditures — but now that you have done everything possible to cut  costs, how can you continue to operate and innovate with reduced budget? To me, it is all about how to efficiently utilize your data center resources while still evolving and scaling your data center architecture to meet user expectations of accessing consumer and business applications from any place and device at any time.

Cisco continues its innovation leadership with the Nexus portfolio by bringing unmatched architectural flexibility and revolutionary scale with enhanced virtual security; but how do- you leverage these dramatic improvements in technology to address your business needs? How is it possible to drive greater IT capabilities and optimize your data center switching platform such as Nexus while delivering a comprehensive range of world-class, innovative data, communications, and entertainment services to your users?

A few weeks ago, my colleague Stephen Speirs blogged about leveraging Cisco Services Design Review Expertise to exploit some of the new features with the data center switching fabric. Let’s take his proposal one step further and understand how to get started with a broader Data Center Optimization Services, and how to leverage Unified Fabric Optimization module targeted at the Cisco Nexus platform, to maximize the existing data center networking assets in your environment:

Getting Started with Data Center Optimization Services:

Your Cisco Services Account Manager and Solution Architects can assist you leverage the right solution for your Data Center Network environment. Our approach includes:

  • Face-to-face working meetings with data center staff in a series of workshops and meetings to develop a thorough understanding the Cisco Nexus design requirements, priorities and goals.
  • An assessment review of your existing environment; analyze design requirements and priorities to build a roadmap that uses Cisco Nexus capabilities with a focus on concerns such as resiliency, availability and scalability to further integrate SAN, server, and Layer 4 to 7 services/devices into a unified fabric.
  • A detailed report which summarizes recommendations and findings. Typically this includes:
    1. Assessment and recommendation for the Nexus deployment architecture
    2. A review of current initiatives and alignment with best practice deployment methodologies and use cases
    3. Assistance  in identifying additional opportunities to utilize Nexus capabilities
    4. Analysis of impact of new requirements on the existing environment
    5. Development of a recommended architecture and future deployment roadmap
  • Subject matter experts that engage in whiteboard sessions on-site, or a remote (WebEx) session to review data center test plans for effectiveness, thoroughness and planned changes.
  • Chalk-talks in supporting the ongoing readiness of operational staff with important information about advanced data center switching technologies and their effect on your network through knowledge transfer to accommodate planned changes and prepare for the network-wide effects of these changes.

When Should You Engage Cisco Data Center Services?

  • When thinking about incorporating new unified fabric design features to address resiliency, availability and scalability of your data center network infrastructure
  • When looking to optimize the existing data center network architecture for specific business applications
  • When you need to maintain a high level of performance and operational efficiency of your existing data center network infrastructure

How will Cisco’s Data Center Optimization Services Benefit Your Business?

There are a number of key advantages of partnering with Cisco Advanced Services.  One such reason is the expertise that is brought to bear with a team of senior experts, called Solutions Architects. These experts can discuss architectural issues across the various data center technologies, including Nexus, thereby allowing you to bridge the gap across various technologies in your data center. Cisco Data Center technologies, including Nexus and UCS; span across server, storage, networking, security, and management; and can help deliver the right SLA for applications. Hence, architectural considerations must span across these various technology domains and with Cisco Advanced Services solutions and Cisco architects acting as virtual members of your team, you can successfully bridge the understanding across these domains.

Another key advantage is the unique design expertise that the Advanced Services Consultants gain from working with internal Cisco R&D teams.  In this way, you gain a unique “inside track” into Cisco’s extensive experience and knowledge base across your entire company.

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