Private Cloud Increases Business Velocity

November 16, 2015 - 0 Comments

The world is experiencing a digital transformation as everything – customers and technology alike – are becoming connected; which has made technology pervasive in all of our lives.   The tools we use have been on a fast innovative pace which has made us all tech-savvy individuals.  If you doubt this, just watch a 6 year-old with an iPad.

We have all become accustomed to a user experience that empowers us to receive information, products or services immediately.   The problem is, once we enter the business world, the user experience changes dramatically.

Does business need to transform?   Yes!  It needs to change the pace at which it delivers services both within and externally as well as address customer expectations for a self-service order experience.   From what I am hearing during customer conversations, the good news is that businesses are acknowledging that changes are required.

Industry consultants tracking digital transformation over the past years are now starting to understand the benefits achieved by organizations that have started down their own digital transformation process.

MIT Sloan Business School and Capgemini have concluded a study that focuses on organizational benefits achieved once the transformation process begins. These organizations are experiencing a 26% increase in productivity; 12% increase in market value and 2% increase in revenue as a result of focusing on a better customer experience and streamlining operations.   In some cases, new business models have been identified.

cloud mobility

Technologies being utilized for digital transformation include: cloud, mobility, analytics and social media.   The shift to social media outlets such as Twitter and LinkedIn happened years ago.  Now cloud, particularly private cloud, is leading the way for businesses to streamline operations while delivering an enhanced user experience.


Private cloud has continued to grow steadily over the past few years as organizations understand the core elements required to deploy a private cloud and the benefits they deliver.  This thought leadership piece on can provide more details.

Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite allows organizations to create a hybrid-ready private cloud by delivering core components, out-of-box content and tools to get you up and productive quickly.  The features that makes Cisco’s solution different include:

  • Modular architecture that empowers your business to take its journey to the cloud at a pace comfortable to you. Rather than installing the entire solution, start with those areas where automation will deliver immediate results, such as your data center infrastructure; and then progress to other components as your organization is ready. This approach allows you to experience ROI faster, energizes your organization around automation and helps to relieve potential cultural hindrances.

  • Comprehensive infrastructure management that streamlines operational processes by managing bare-metal and virtual layers across Cisco and industry-leading compute, network and storage solutions. For example:  EMC, NetApp, HDS, Nimble Storage, IBM, HP and Dell as well as Brocade, F5 and Citrix networking — just to name a few examples.  It also supports leading converged and hyper-converged solutions.
  • The self-service portal and service catalog delivers the user experience desired by both employees and customers. Cisco’s goes beyond the data center to support on-demand ordering of business as well as application stacks as services. Your portal can be up and operational within weeks by utilizing the built-in design tool for both your portal and the automated services offered. Role-based ordering delivers a unique experience to each user as well as the ability to order and manage services located on premise or in hybrid cloud environments.
  • Application stacks as a service enables developers to move at a faster pace. Stack designer, built into the self-service portal, simplifies the creation of basic application stacks such as a LAMP stack, Oracle database or Windows server environment.  It accelerates time-to-market for new applications because it replaces manual building, configuration and testing of these environments, usually in public cloud instances; with self-service ordering and fast delivery without slowing down the development process.

Today’s pace of business shows no signs of slowing down while industry analysts keep telling us “you haven’t seen anything yet.”

You trust Cisco for networking, market leading servers and collaboration solutions that deliver choice and fast time-to-value.  Our hybrid-ready private cloud delivers the same choice and fast time-to-value that you have come to expect from Cisco. Isn’t it time to take a closer look at Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite for your environment?

To learn more about Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite, watch this video or visit us at

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