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Part 3 – Cisco IT on Cisco Intelligent Automation – @ Gartner Data Center Conference, London

November 30, 2011 - 0 Comments

London's Big Ben at Night

Following on from my introductions to what is happening at this data center conference see part 1 and part 2), in this article I’ll talk more about something I’ve not really blogged about in my previous blogs (which is surprising given my NMS background) – data center management and Cisco Intelligent Automation.   I managed to catch up with a senior manager in the Cisco IT team, Rich Gore, who game me some terrific insight into their deployment of Cisco Intelligent automation.   And I’ll also relate some experience of my own on why, when it comes to the products you produce, you should always (as the US folks tend to say) “eat your own dog food”!


Before we get to the Cisco IT feedback on using our own management products, I’ll relate a true of my own.  One of my biggest lessons in marketing and product management goes back a few years now, to 1995.   Back then, I joined a small startup company developing tools for C++ developers – a product which won a “best product/cool technology” award at a major industry conference.

When I started, we didn’t use our own product, making excuses (being candid!) that our PCs were too slow.  When we made some money, we bought faster PCs …. and yet we still didn’t use our own product.  Then the light-bulb moment for me – the product really wasn’t that helpful in doing what we needed it to do (debug C++ programs) – so how could we expect our customers to use it?!?!

In essence, that product didn’t have a strong “value proposition”. I make no apologies for using what some would say is an old-fashoined marketing term – too many products and services come to market today without have sufficiently strong value propositions.

So what does Cisco IT say about the value that Cisco Unified Management and Intelligent Automation delivers for them?  How heavily do they use it?  Today at the Gartner Data Center Conference in London, I caught up with one of Cisco’s senior managers in our IT Organization – Rich Gore.  In many organizations, often your internal critics can be your most severe. I was, therefore, very keen to hear how he was getting on with the Cisco IT deployment of our technologies, and what lessons he had for us in the Cisco Data Center Services team.

You can hear exactly what Rich Gore of Cisco IT had to say in the short video clip above. It was great to hear Rich describe in this short video how Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud has helped Cisco IT radically transform provisioning times for their IT services.

Cisco Services today helps provide the “secret sauce” for many customers who deploy Cisco Intelligent Automation.  It is a customized solution, and Cisco Services can help build in the right provisioning workflows for you – customized to the types  of IT services you want to deliver.  We can help design your service catalog, so that end users can request and self-provision their own IT services.  Such a move can help transform the perception of IT in your company.  And if you are a service provider, such Cisco-provided intellectual property can differentiate you against your competition as you go to market with new services.

One closing question on this topic – how many of you have a web-based service provisioning portal in place for your IT services – today?  Or planning for 2012?  Let us know!

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