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PacketPushers @ CiscoLive

June 29, 2012 - 2 Comments

So, if you are a networking geek of any sort, you should be listening to PacketPushers–for both the education and the sheer entertainment value.  This year, we tried something a little different with the PacketPushers team and had them join us onsite at CiscoLive.  Below are six of the podcasts they produced for us:

  • PQ Show 002 – Cisco Cloud Services Router With Prashant Shenoy
  • PQ Show 003 – Cisco onePK With Richard Pruss
  • PQ Show 004 – Catalyst 4500X and 4500E
  • PQ Show 005 – Cisco Nexus Updates With Ron Fuller
  • PQ Show 006 – Nexus 1000V Update With Han Yang
  • Show 107 – Cisco Software Defined Networking Strategy With Omar Sultan

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  1. Those were great shows. I can never get enough for one. Who else is making free training material I can just give to an engineer and say hey, go listen to some really smart guys and learn about the inner workings of x,y,z. Very impressive what Ethan and Greg and company, have put together for the community, at the expense of real world sleep and family I would imagine. They earned coffee tips from a cheap bastard like myself. Great to see vendors see the importance of community and the power of information sharing.

  2. Thanks, Omar. We enjoyed the opportunity to work with Cisco to cover CLUS 2012 in San Diego. The “PQ” referred to above is our Priority Queue series of podcasts, where we’re publishing the nerdiest shows we record.

    For anyone interested in even more Cisco-related content the Packet Pushers recorded at CLUS, there’s a virtual symposium video on Cisco’s SDN strategy we recorded with Omar and several others (produced with, a Cisco certifications roundtable podcast, and a live podcast recorded in the CLUS Social Media Lounge (again, with Omar) that will be published soon.