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Oy vei the chutzpah!

Just read this interesting write-up on feedback from Interop. Using the push to 10GbE to the server as an opportunity for insertion into the market is a good play, will be interesting to see how it bears out. I have to concur with the strategy since our Nexus 5000 does essentially the same, but also offers FibreChannel stateless gateways to make FCoE a reality.dgBut the fun part for me was the comment about Nortel winning the Best of Interop in the Chutzpah category, gotta love it. I talked to quite a few of the Nortel folks at the show while looking for my friends Phil and Tony and it is good to see Nortel trying to ‘bring it’. I really enjoyed the panel discussions we had, my favorite being the one hosted by Bruce Tolley of SolarFlare. Bruce is the VP of Marketing over there and we had a good chuckle on the introductions since over half the people on the panel had worked at Cisco now or before. Other than a few vendor advertisements (the NetSCaler/Citrix one was most memorable) it was an excellent deep dive into the challenges that organizations will face as they ‘dig into’ virtualization. It’s not all roses, there are some thorns. If we understand them up front we can design product and technology solutions that enable customers to maximize the value of their virtualization investments- in virtual servers, virtual storage, and virtual networks.

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