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“Oops I Did It Again…”

April 8, 2008 - 0 Comments

Not sure why I wanted to quote the inimitable Britney Spears today as I sit in Honolulu. It could be the great weather. It could be the fun experience of ‘hanging’ with 2500 of our top partners. It could also be the fact I am idling for 45 minutes while my MacBook Air renders about an hour of video for me for a presentation I am doing in 2 hours – not that I am stressed.Or it could be that I am just flat out excited about the prospects for our Nexus 5000! 🙂 Ok, so it’s the 5000 that has me most excited. Last week I talked about a company stumbling a bit. I also had a bunch of investor meetings where the insightful analysts all agreed that the first-mover advantage in Unified Fabrics was key, but only if coupled with the right partnerships.One week later, here we are. We have the right product, people, partnerships, and now with our new incentive programs even partner profitability is being addressed as well. This product delivers on the promise of Unified Fabrics, and introduces a new concept – Cisco Data Center Ethernet. A series of standards-based extensions to existing Ethernet, that when combined enable data to be forwarded in a lossless fashion. Just like FibreChannel. This enables a new series of protocols like FibreChannel over Ethernet, that drive the next phase of convergence.Every 5-7 years we reinvent ourselves, but do what we do best – consolidate parallel network infrastructures. Multiprotocol Network convergence, LAN Convergence, Mainframe and IP Convergence, Voice Video Data. Now… Data Center.dg

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