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Nobody Ever Got Fired for Buying Cisco UCS

“Great teamwork is the only way we create the breakthroughs that define our careers.” – Pat Riley (championship coach)

Sometimes change is difficult because of actual uncertainty, and sometimes change is difficult because of perceived uncertainty. The former is usually measured through probability and addressed via risk mitigation techniques. That latter is overcome through education and little bit of “prove it to me”.

It’s been two years and Cisco hasn’t quit the server business, as predicted by some. Independent analysts have highlighted the value and vision of Cisco Data Center Fabric. Cisco UCS has been setting performance records at a rapid pace, and customers of all sizes have been building out their Data Center Fabric with UCS and Nexus.

But sometimes it’s about more than technology and vision. Sometimes it’s about people, and concerns about uncertainty. What happens when previously isolated technologies begin to converge?

This is one of the areas that we will be highlighting at EMC World 2011 this week, in speaking sessions, booth demonstrations and theater presentations. Our goal is to not only highlight best-in-class convergence technologies, but educate network and storage professionals about the realities of creating Data Center Fabric networks with Cisco.

Question: Maybe you’re asking yourself, “Who owns the platforms and network when they converge into a Data Center Fabric?”

The answer: You do. The Storage Teams. The Network Teams. You own the distribution of responsibilities, and the underlying infrastructure allows you to either isolate operations or begin to integrate them. At your pace. According to your business needs.Let’s take a look at the basics.

First, let’s look at how individuals or teams can define “roles” on the Cisco UCS system –  Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) on Cisco UCS. Now let’s take a look at this in action:

After viewing the video, we encourage you to go back and review some of the UCS and Data Center Fabric case studies listed above. Notice how those teams talk about moving their business forward and tackling business challenges in new ways. Those teams are not only redefining how their IT organizations are improving their business, but defining where their professional careers will go in the future.

If you’re interested in learning more about Cisco UCS, Data Center Fabric or convergence of technologies within the Data Center, we’d love to speak with you in Booth #400 at EMC World this week.

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  1. Thanks for the motivation @Jake. Would you be willing to share who you work for or your association within the IT business?

  2. Whilst Cisco may not have quit the server business, we certainly do know of one or two businesses it certainly will be quitting. Lets just say it had better start making some inroads

  3. I think you meant Pat Riley.