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Nexus 1000V goes to Cannes

February 25, 2009 - 1 Comment

What’s not to love about Cannes, France: the food, the wine, the French Riviera, the Nexus 1000V….huh? Yes, this week, Cannes is home to VMworld Europe where all things VMware are under discussion.Folks lucky enough to be at the event have access to a hands-on lab where they get a chance to play with the 1000V. We ran over 80 people through the labs and have had to expand the demo pods to deal the overflow–kinda like Vegas, where attendees were stacked 4 deep once we unveiled the 1000V.Paul and Han, from the BU are onsite, running things. Perhaps, between bottles of wine, we can get them to post some more info on what customers are saying. In the interim, here are some thougths from one attendee.

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  1. Hello:Here at VMworld Europe 2009, there has been tremendous amount of interest in the Nexus 1000V. On Tuesday, there were about 90 people that went through the Nexus 1000V Hands On Lab. Today, Wednesday, 136 people went through the lab. In many cases, a virtualization admin and a network admin went through the lab together. As I talk to many of the lab attendees as they were finishing, they were especially pleased with the operational model of the Nexus 1000V between the network and virtualization administrators.One lab attendee wanted to see whether it's possible for the Nexus 1000V to automatically assign the network policy for the physical NICs as the host is being added to the Nexus 1000V in vCenter rather than being manually assigned. The intent is to make sure that all the NICs in a cluster are consistently configured. We are taking a closer look at this feature as a future enhancement.Some of the lab attendees asked whether HP Virtual Connect has similar functionalities as Nexus 1000V. In fact, HP Virtual Connect is a blade switch working outside of the server and providing networking connectivity to the physical server. The Cisco Nexus 1000V is integrated inside VMware vSphere and is providing network policies directly to the virtual machines. While the Cisco Nexus 1000V can work with HP Virtual Connect, they provide connectivity at different parts of the network.Tomorrow is the last day of VMworld Europe 2009, and we are looking forward to having more attendees at Hands On Lab #12. Han Han YangProduct ManagerServer Access & Virtualization BUCisco