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New Nexus 1000V Virtual Switch 1.5.2 Release Now Available

August 21, 2012 - 4 Comments

Nexus 1000VToday Cisco made a new version of its Nexus 1000V virtual switch available for immediate download. The newly available Nexus 1000V 1.5.2 release can be downloaded for a 60 day free trial from here. As most of you know because you’ve been reading all my blog posts over the last year, the Nexus 1000V is the edge switch for virtual environments, bringing the network edge right up to the virtual machine, by residing in the hypervisors and connecting virtual ports to the physical network and beyond. The Nexus 1000V is the foundation for our entire virtual network overlay portfolio, including all of our virtual L4-7 application and security services, our cloud orchestration software, VXLANs and more.

The new release supports the latest version of VMware’s vSphere hypervisor, and includes vPath 2.0 with service chaining between virtual services. I wrote a blog post a couple of weeks ago about the importance of vPath in inserting virtual services into data center networks, and now we also have a great new white paper available on vPath service insertion technology. The most important enhancement in vPath 2.0 is that you can now insert multiple services in the path between the source and destination addresses in your virtual network. 

For example, you could create a routing path from a source to a VM that first goes through the ASA 1000V Cloud Firewall, and then through the Virtual Security Gateway (VSG). The ASA 1000V would enforce tenant edge policies for traffic emanating from outside the tenant network, while VSG enforced security policies between trust zones and applications running within the tenant. 

A service path routing technology to insert the right services and policies into the right traffic flows is especially important in virtual environments where VM’s can be constantly in motion and change location relative to the security and application services they depend on. vPath is designed to support just this kind of workload mobility transparently, with the ability to assign service path chains based on application policies. With vPath automating the service paths to virtual services, no administrative overhead or changes to the physical network are required. This increases operational simplicity, and increases network agility with the rapid deployment of new applications, network services and tenants.

With VMworld coming up next week in San Francisco (love it when I don’t have to get on a plane to go to a major show!), we’ll have plenty more to talk about regarding enhancements in our network virtualization portfolio in the coming days. Make sure to watch this space!

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  1. When will be config guides/examples available for ASA 1000V and the VSG?

  2. vPath 2.0 and service chaining support ? This is new on 1.5.2? According to the release notes there are no new software features in this release, what gives?

    • I don’t have the release notes handy, but this is new 1.5.2. I’ll look into whether the release notes should be updated. Thx.