Microsoft SharePoint 2010 on FlexPod for VMware

April 18, 2011 - 0 Comments

Today we are publishing a new Microsoft SharePoint 2010 on FlexPod for VMware Cisco Validated Design. This solution highlights the key value of partner end to end integrated solutions.  This SharePoint 2010 Enterprise deployment on FlexPod for VMware design guide demonstrates how enterprises can apply best practices for VMware vSphere, VMware vCenter, Cisco Unified Computing System, Cisco Nexus family switches, NetApp FAS. Through this single package, FlexPod for VMware allows every component of a traditional SharePoint 2010 Enterprise deployment to be consolidated. 

SharePoint 2010 on FlexPod for VMware

SharePoint 2010 on FlexPod for VMware

One common theme for SharePoint consolidation is the database component. This design guide includes a virtualized MSCS Windows 2008 R2 SQL environment and completes the SharePoint virtualization stack. A completely virtualized SharePoint solution offers many advantages over traditional physical implementations. Partner integrated solution benefits are overwhelming when considering the additional overhead of management, long term scalability, and availability for database systems. The SharePoint 2010 CVD covers:

  • Inital configuration of VM Cluster
  • MSCS HA and DRS considerations
  • NetApp SnapDrive Implmentation
  • SQL Install on Cluster

Another issue with many SharePoint 2010 designs is the exclusion of the campus, branch and remote traffic. The SharePoint 2010 FlexPod on VMware solution includes more than the datacenter components. FlexPod Add-ons include Cisco ACE (Application Control Engine) and Cisco WAAS (Wide Area Application Services).

Cisco ACE module features utilized in the SharePoint 2010 design were:

  • Load balancing at Layer 4
  • Persistence based on source IP address
  • L7 load balancing with TCP reuse
  • Server real-time in-band health monitoring and probes
  • Stateful failover using connection replication
  • Cisco Application Networking Manager
  • AVDC – Cisco® Application Control Engine (ACE) in the Virtual Data Center 
    Cisco ACE30 SharePoint 2010

    Cisco ACE30 SharePoint 2010

Cisco WAAS was used to provide optimization of SharePoint 2010 site navigation and document download/upload for both the Branch and Remote users:

SharePoint 2010 WAAS remote and Branch

SharePoint 2010 WAAS remote and Branch

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