Managing your Cisco UCS from an iPhone or iPad

August 19, 2010 - 7 Comments

How cool is this – having an iPhone or iPad as the management interface for your Cisco UCS system. Better yet, what a great excuse to get an iPad and put it on your expense account – “boss, I really need an iPad so I can manage our UCS system even better”

Tige Phillips (Cisco Systems Engineer) released his Simple iPhone Monitoring of UCS “in a lab”(SiMU Lab) tool to the iTunes App Store (Link to iTunes Store). Many of our Systems Engineers been testing the beta version for a while now and the feeling of power (and control) that it gives you when you are looking at your iPhone to control an entire UCS system is amazing! It is also a proof point that the XML interface of UCS Manager really is powerful. Can you do this with your legacy blade servers?

If you have a UCS system (and an iPhone/iPad) you should give this a try. Here is a summary of the supported features.
•    Assign blades to Service Profiles
•    Change descriptions of Blades and Service Profiles
•    Change Service Profile assignment
•    Save Username and Server Address
•    Turn blades off/on and reset them
•    Turn on both chassis and blade locator lights
•    Un-associate blades from Service Profiles
•    View information on Errors, Blades, PSUs, Server Profiles


NOTE: This is not an officially supported (via Cisco TAC) Cisco tool, but rather an excellent example of the flexibility of open interfaces available through the Cisco UCS. For more details on how 3rd-party partners or customers would interact with Cisco UCS in create ways, visit the UCS Manager – Cisco Developer Community (requires login)

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  1. Nice Plug In; very useful!!

  2. Now More People are used Cisco UPS devices easily.Interesting Information about Cisco UPS managed by an Ipad or Iphone.

  3. Really very cool, remembers me science fiction movies about the future””. The future came.”

  4. very useful for iphone consumers

  5. It look like a very cool feature for iPad

  6. @reamer77 – great question and exactly the reason that Cius will be based on the open Android platform. Anyone will be able to write cool applications to leverage it’s deep integration with UC, Video, Social Media, etc.- Brian

  7. Do you think something will be written for the Cius?