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Looking back on 2009 – The Future of Cisco UCS

May 26, 2011 - 0 Comments

With all the news over the last few days regarding the continuing growth of Cisco UCS, sometimes it worth taking a step back to look at how we got here. For me, I took a look at a blog post I wrote in March 2009 (pre-FCS), and it’s interesting to see how much mindset shifting has happened in such a short period of time.

A couple of important things should jump out at you:

  • Cisco UCS is a simpler, more powerful way of building Data Center (or Cloud) infrastructure.
  • While change can be hard, a change to Cisco UCS doesn’t have to be difficult for your organization or your IT staff.
  • The short, medium and long-term vision for Cisco UCS (even from an outsider’s point of view) was clear back in 2009, well before we laid out Cisco’s strategy to evolve the Data Center of the future.
  • Even as server technology has evolved over the past two years, the core UCS architecture focus on automation has continued to differentiate the product.
  • No company has greater experience in helping customers transition through technology and business shifts, as is evident by the diagram above. In today’s confusing IT environment, businesses look to technology partners they can trust to help them through transitions and deliver solutions that are ahead of the curve.

And just so nobody thinks that I’m using this as an opportunity to toot my own horn with that 2009 prediction, you’ll clearly see that I missed the rapid emergence of Data Center Fabric being the key linkage between Unified Computing and the next-generation of Data Centers.

The last two years have been an amazing run for Cisco UCS, and we expect far greater things in the future. If you want to find out more information about UCS, you can always go to the UCS Homepage. I’d also highly recommend seeing the UCS solution in action, or following the people that are evangelizing UCS value every day.

To all the existing customers that believed in Cisco UCS and have made it part of your IT strategy, we thank you very much. Your trust in Cisco means everything to us, and we look forward to helping improve your business and strengthening our partnership in the future.

And to all our partners (both technology and channel) that have helped make Cisco UCS successful in the market, we thank you as well. We couldn’t have done it without you.

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