Logicalis is a worldwide systems integrator whose customers span industries and geographical regions; and their focus is to engage in the dynamics of their customers’ vertical markets; including financial services, education, healthcare, retail, government, manufacturing and professional services, and apply the skills of their large employee base in modernizing key digital pillars; data center and cloud services, security and network infrastructure, and IT operation modernization. Logicalis, a Cisco Gold certified partner, is a strong advocate of Cisco Data center technologies to its customers and has vast experience in deploying Cisco ACI, UCS, and HyperFlex in multiple customer segments and locations worldwide.

The ‘cloud’ is presenting compelling opportunities for line-of-business executives to identify and procure software and infrastructure solutions without the need to engage with the C-level execs or the IT department.  Hence, it is no surprise a majority (93%) of Logicalis’s customers are interested in migration towards the hybrid cloud environment, and Logicalis needs a flexible infrastructure to support their customers’ demands.

Customer Challenges

Logicalis has vast experience in deploying Cisco ACI across the globe in multiple customer verticals and segments. Main challenges experienced include the need for a flexible infrastructure to support their application-anywhere approach. Also, their customers seek proactive insights for easy trouble-shooting.

What Logicalis’s customers are saying?

With an “Application Anywhere” vision Logicalis is following exactly what their customers require – putting more focus on the application, and providing the flexible infrastructure in accordance with cutting-edge hybrid cloud methodologies.

Customer experience through Logicalis lens

Logicalis as a Cisco cloud solution provider gives confidence to its customers about the reliability and integrity of Cisco ACI in supporting their business. More and more of Logicalis’s customers focus on applications instead of infrastructure. Customers want to become predictive and proactive about what’s happening to their applications versus resorting to reactive approaches.  Cisco ACI, Tetration, Cloud Center and FlexPod pack a powerful punch to deliver what Logcalis’s customers need in their journey towards application-anywhere. Cisco ACI allows control of the entire data center and helps build a fully automated private cloud. In fact, ACI takes it one step higher, by extending its policy model across multiple data centers and the public cloud, which sets up a perfect environment for multi-cloud to succeed. Logicalis’s customers like the multitenancy feature of ACI that enables them to put developers in separate tenants, thereby isolating production workloads fully from inadvertent exposures.  There is unanimous agreement among Logicalis’s customers that finally they have a trusted solution with ACI with a single point of management, and with APIs and end-to-end automation across the entire data center.

Lastly, ACI ecosystem solutions deserve special mention, particularly in brownfield customer deployments. Cisco ACI open API was so compelling that many of Logicalis’s customers chose Ansible with Cisco open API (instead of GUI) to automate bulk of their networking infrastructure setup. Other examples of ecosystem include OpenStack based private cloud deployments which are prone to frequent changes, but with ACI and its built-in security, Logicalis was able to demonstrate a stable, operating environment with minimal fuss.

ACI is the unique solution in the market that allows you to control the entire data center networking infrastructure. There is no environment too small for ACI and everyone definitely needs automation and security in the data center.”

Mateja Jovanovic, European Technologist of Hybrid Cloud & IOT, Logicalis


What is ahead?

Logicalis achieved the Cisco Global Gold Certification, and is now one of a select few  international organisations recognised with this distinction. Logicalis achieved this certification through its depth of capability in supporting advanced Cisco technologies such as ACI and services, and through its scale of delivery expertise around the world. The certification establishes its global approach to solutions, services and support, the high skilled professionals throughout the world and the full commitment of creating value to its clients through innovation.